Doctor of Occupational Therapy


The Occupational Therapy program is based in the College of Health Professions. This innovative program has been hailed as "cutting edge" by many colleges and universities throughout the country. OTs are trained to empower their clients to resume old or assume new life roles. The OT skillfully assesses a client's abilities and limitations, and then designs an individualized treatment plan to increase skills and thus improve quality of life. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the Occupational Therapy program at MUSC as 17th in the nation (top 10%). 


Students entering the OT program are evaluated by their GRE scores, undergraduate academic performance, and successful completion of prerequisite courses. A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA is required.

We also assign credit for volunteer/work experience. In order to obtain credit, applicants must complete a minimum of 30 hours (preferably in two or more settings such as clinics, hospitals, schools, home health, etc.) in occupational therapy and have the supervising occupational therapist complete one of the OT application reference forms documenting their service and performance. This form must be completed and signed by the OT practitioner who supervised the applicant during the 30 volunteer work hours. This form can be found inside your university application.

Three reference forms; one from the occupational therapy practitioner who supervised volunteer or work experience. The second and third references should be provided by major advisors or professors. Official MUSC Occupational Therapy (OT) Reference Forms are available within the Supplemental Application materials. All references must be submitted using the official Reference Form and must be received by the application deadline. Applicants are responsible for providing enough time and following up with references.

GRE scores should be received by the deadline. The GRE test code is 5407.

To be competitive, applicants should demonstrate a strong academic background, strong GRE scores, and good life experience activities such as: additional OT volunteer work over and above the minimum 30 hours, volunteering in a community setting other than OT, significant leadership experience, research activity, scholarship history and significant academic or community volunteer awards.


A bachelor's degree and 20 hours of prerequisite coursework are required.


Prerequisite Courses


Human Anatomy (must include lab) within 10 years


Human Physiology (must include lab) within 10 years




Lifespan Human Development


Abnormal Psychology




Medical Terminology (recommended)




Special Notes:

For a guide of Frequently Approved Prerequisites, click here.

Combined Anatomy and Physiology courses are accepted; however, you MUST take Anatomy and Physiology I and II to fulfill the separate Anatomy and Physiology requirements, including the labs.

Anatomy and Physiology prerequisites need to be rigorous classroom-based courses, not taken online or with open book testing, and all prerequisite courses must be from an accredited institution.

The Office of Enrollment Management is able to offer unofficial transcript evaluations from March 1st - June 30th.  Please call Enrollment Management at 843-792-2536 to speak with an admissions specialist or email them to

Before applying to our program, please be aware that a felony conviction may affect your ability to sit for the examination administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy after you graduate, and subsequently your ability to attain state licensure. The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy offers an early determination to assess examination eligibility. Go to and read the Early Review section for details.

Candidates who are re-applying to the MUSC OT Program can request that application materials be re-used for the new admissions cycle. This request must be submitted to the MUSC Office of Enrollment Management at

Application Checklist

1.     Complete university application. Access to supplemental application materials will be available in the application and sent in a follow up email after you submit your application.

2.     Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended for all college credit courses (can be submitted electronically to or mailed).

3.   Three official MUSC OT Reference Forms submitted; one from the occupational therapy practitioner who supervised volunteer or work experience and two from professors/advisors familiar with academic ability and accomplishments.

4.     Graduate Record Examination (GRE) results sent to code 5407 (at least 4 weeks before the application deadline).

5.     Completed Prerequisite Courses Taken form (at least 12 of 20 prerequisite course credits should be complete at the time of application).

6.     Completed Plans for Remaining Year form

7.     Minimum of a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale

8.    Supplemental Profile form

9.    Log of Occupational Therapy Related Experience - at least 30 hours minimum preferred in at least two different settings.

10.   Resume

11.   Essay

Applicants receive additional profile points on their application for unique life experiences and service experiences in the AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, or prior military service.

Please note: All above information must be received on or before the deadline an admission decision can be made. It is the applicant's responsibility to review the progress of his/her application by viewing the Application Progress Portal and ensure that all application materials (including official Reference forms, official GRE scores, and all official transcripts are received by the application deadline).

International Applicants

MUSC’s OT degree program is unable to admit international students requiring an F-1 visa. Applications will only be accepted from U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or those holding other valid nonimmigrant visa classifications that allow participation in lawful study while in the United States.


Application Deadline

Start Term Application Type Available Deadline
Summer 2020 Regular July 1, 2019 November 15, 2019