June 2020 update from MUSC Storm Eye Institute Chairman Andrew Eiseman, M.D.

Andrew Eiseman, M.D.
June 22, 2020
Chairman Andrew Eiseman, M.D.

We are approaching the end of the academic and fiscal year, a time typically filled with change. This year, that change has been even more tumultuous as we have battled the global COVID-19 pandemic while remaining committed to our tripartite mission of outstanding patient care, state-of-the-art education, and cutting-edge research. 

Our clinical mission continues to rebound and ramp up. All clinical sites are currently open. The extra precautions we have taken – wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), enhanced screening, additional cleaning protocols between patients, and maintaining social distancing in waiting rooms and clinical spaces – have been paying off. We have been able to significantly increase the number of in-person examinations for our patients. Our surgical volume has also grown significantly with the addition of preoperative COVID-19 testing for all patients in the operating room. Recently we started a program to obtain pre-procedure COVID-19 testing for our in-office surgeries as well to add an extra measure of safety and protection for our patients and staff. I want to give a special and heartfelt thank you to our entire team of nurses and technicians. They have been on the front lines of caring for our patients and they have done it with a smile and dedication that is truly amazing.

As we slowly get back to normal, it becomes even more apparent how much the Storm Eye Institute was impacted by a drastic reduction in patients because of the pandemic. Now more than ever we need to (safely) increase the number of patients we see and procedures we perform. This will take a long-concerted effort; therefore, the efforts must be sustainable to make up for the hit of our reduced production. Renovating the fourth floor will increase our ability to see patients and perform procedures – we need this renovation now more than ever to get back on track. We are asking for support of this project with an overall goal of $1,250,000.

Andrew Eiseman, M.D. 

Chairman, MUSC Storm Eye Institute

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