MUSC nursing students teach children to make healthy choices by playing with their food.

Sarah Schwartz
September 02, 2019
Field trip fun

Teaching through play

Students from a local Sunshine House learned how to make good food choices during a field trip to MUSC on July 30. The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) community health class hosted the children, who ranged in age from 5- to 12-years-old. They visited the MUSC Urban Farm and participated in nutritional and health-focused activities led by College of Nursing (CON) students.

Activities included games like “Name that Food” Bingo, and crafts like “Create Your Plate,” where students designed their favorite meal using the MyPlate curriculum and art supplies. ABSN students paired off with two or three students for each activity.

During the summer semester, ABSN community health students learn the importance of community-based prevention strategies to improve health and outcomes in different populations. A visit from local Sunshine House students was the perfect opportunity for them to apply their in-class learning in a group setting. “We wanted to focus on nutritional activities and education with the kids from Sunshine House because of the important role nutrition plays in growth and development,” said course instructor Christina McDaniel, R.N., MSN, CHPPN. “We felt it was important to educate the kids on good food choices through a series of play-based activities as a way to positively combat childhood obesity and malnutrition.”

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The Sunshine House field trip is considered community health outreach since each activity was a primary prevention strategy for overall public health. By choosing to teach public health content through hands-on, play-based activities appropriate for child cognition, CON students made learning fun and accessible – and children learn best through play.  

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