Academic Affairs Faculty Senators

During the yearly Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Faculty Senate elections, four Senators and two Alternates are elected to represent the Academic Affairs Faculty (AAF).  Senators serve a two-year term, and Alternates serve a one-year term.

Academic Affairs Faculty Purpose

AAF Senators help to coordinate faculty responses to issues raised within the Senate, and their votes reflect the opinions of the AAF as a whole.  AAF Senators and Alternates also serve on committees within the Senate, and lend their expertise in the areas of education, research, and clinical care.  The Electoral Unit Leader is responsible for gathering and sharing AAF news with the Faculty Senate. Learn more about Faculty Senate.

AAF Senators

Emily Brennan
MUSC Libraries

Casey O’Neill
Center of Academic Excellence/Writing Center

Dante Pelzer (Unit Rep)
Office of Student Engagement

Debra Trogdon-Livingston
MUSC Libraries/NNLM Region 2

Jason Smith
MUSC Libraries

AAF Senator Alternates

Mary Smith
Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources (ITFR)

Rachel Whitney

MUSC Libraries

If you have information that you would like shared with the Faculty Senate, please submit electronically to the Electoral Unit Leader by the first Monday of each month.

Faculty List

To view/search all current MUSC faculty members please visit the MUSC Faculty Directory.

Appointment, Promotion, & Tenure (APT) Guidelines

The Academic Affairs Faculty APT Guidelines are included in the MUSC Faculty Handbook (page 85) along with APT Guidelines for each college.