Spiritual Care Appreciation Week

Spiritual Care Appreciation Week will be recognized October 20-26 this year. The national theme is, “Hospitality: Cultivating Space”. The theme gives us an occasion to reflect on how important space is. In our clinical setting we often think about space in terms of the number of beds available for patients or the number of offices available for our daily, work-related tasks.

But this theme serves to remind us of the need for space in a much more existential sense. Space reminds us of our humanity and our uniqueness. Our individuality is sacred and deserves to be honored and recognized.

Allowing others into our care – both physical and spiritual – provides the space that is needed to offer temporary shelter during life’s most difficult experiences. During these times of trial, the best tools for care can be listening ears and comforting eye contact. Through these offerings a spark of light can be generated in the void of despair.

Spiritual Care Week provides an opportunity to not only recognize and thank the chaplains, staff, and volunteers who make up the Pastoral Care community; it also affords us a time to recognize the spiritual gifts we all possess and share with our patients and colleagues on a daily basis. This is what makes a work space feel more like a community and the daily responsibilities of our job feel more like a calling.

Thank you for providing precious opportunities where sacred space is always available.