Construction Updates

Rendering of the front of the proposed College of Pharmacy building

*Please note this is a rendering.

Project Description

This project consists of three main components:

College of Pharmacy (COP)

A two-story addition will be constructed along the south side of the Basic Science Building (facing the horseshoe) to build a new COP.

Basic Science Building (BSB) Renovation

Interior renovations will be made to the auditorium and classrooms (BSB 100, 202, 302, 402, 502), as well as the archive space (BSB 103).

Colbert Education Center (CEC) & Library Renovations

Interior renovations are being made to revamp the student lounge and study spaces, as well as relocate the Sim Center from the College of Nursing to the Library. 

Project Illustrations

Below are illustrations of the site fencing, BSB exit paths, and sidewalk access between December and the end of the project.

Temporary Office Locations

The library must be vacated during construction. Below is a summary of where you will be able to find support services during ongoing construction.

Innovation Station

135 Cannon St, Floor 1, Room 101

Library Computer Lab

University Hospital Extension (UHE), Floor 6, Room 687

Library Offices

UHE, Floor 6, Rooms 625-638

Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) & Writing Center

UHE, Floor 6, Room 602


UHE, Floor 7, Rooms 777-796

Open Student Study Space

UHE, Floor 7, Atrium (Printers Available)

UHE, Floor 8, Rooms 806-834 (PCs and Printers Available)

Recording Studio

135 Cannon St, Floor 4, Room 402

Move-In Dates

The tentative move-in dates for each area is identified below. However, these dates may still change due to supply chain issues related to AV/IT.

COP February 1, 2023
BS Auditorium December 15, 2022
CEC & Library December 15, 2022

Three-Week Lookahead

The following update is as of Monday, November 28, 2022. You may review the additional details here.

General Site

  • Movable pedestrian barricades will remain until turnover
  • Site cleanup is ongoing on the West side for the Colbert entrance and landscaping


  • Auditorium stage flooring and AV ongoing
  • BSB Third-floor window demolition and replacement are ongoing, separate updates will be sent for this work
  • The fire pump issue will likely delay the opening of the bridge between BSB and Colbert


  • First-floor furniture and punch list ongoing
  • All exterior doors are installed and locked at night

CEC & Library

  • Furniture installation is ongoing on the first floor
  • Testing and Balancing are ongoing on the first and second floors
  • All exterior doors are installed and locked at night

Environmental Management Plan

If you are interested in the environmental impacts of this project and the steps we are taking, feel free to review our environmental management plan.


Please contact Mack Altman at