Construction Updates

Rendering of the front of the proposed College of Pharmacy building

*Please note this is a rendering.

3-Week Lookaheads

These documents provide an overview of the work and possible disruptions projected for the next 3 weeks. 

Timeline Update (10/14/2021)

The College of Pharmacy is still on track to be completed in August 2022, the Colbert Library renovation will be completed and ready for occupation in May 2022, and the BSB classrooms will become available throughout the spring 2022 semester. For more details, view the projected timeline (PDF) that was revised in October 2021.

Temporary Office Locations

The library must be vacated during construction. Below is a summary of where you will be able to find support services during construction:

  • Innovation Station - 135 Cannon Street, 1st floor, room 101
  • Library computer lab - University Hospital Extension, 6th floor, room 687
  • Library offices - University Hospital Extension, 6th floor, rooms 625-638
  • Center for Academic Excellence & Writing Center - University Hospital Extension, 6th floor, suite 602
  • CCET - University Hospital Extension, 7th floor, rooms 777-796
  • Open study space for all students - University Hospital Extension
    • 7th floor, atrium (printers available)
    • 8th floor, rooms 806-834 (printers and computers available)
  • Study space for College of Medicine students - University Hospital Extension, 8th floor, rooms 806-834

Also, the recording studio previously on the 1st floor of BSB will be housed in 135 Cannon Street, 4th floor, suite 402 near the marketing and communications team during construction.

Environmental Management Plan

If you are interested in the environmental impacts of this project and steps we are taking, feel free to read through the environmental management plan

Stakeholder Update (6/10/2021)

Pile driving began this week and will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Pile driving occurs during daylight hours due to city noise ordinances. 

The noisy demolition of the BSB classrooms (i.e., concrete removal) will begin soon. Remember, this disruptive work will take place overnight.

Stakeholder Update (5/13/2021)

Sitework - Truck traffic on the west side of Colbert (between BSB & Drug Discovery) will increase as Colbert renovation begins. Traffic on the east side (Ashley Ave) will be busier as well as COP foundations begin.

Colbert - The building will be turned over to Whiting-Turner to begin demolition on Monday, May 17. The bridge to the hospital will be closed to pedestrians, and the front doors will be locked. There will be asbestos abatement, but the contractors will follow all safety guidelines and regulations. 

COP - Driven piles are still on schedule for the first week of June.

Stakeholder Update (4/22/2021) 

BSB - Demolition of the BSB classrooms will begin on May 17 at night with the crews using the freight elevator to remove debris. Evening work hours are 7 PM – 6 AM, Monday – Friday, May – September. The sequence for room demolition is BSB302, 502, 402, 202, 103 and auditorium

Colbert - Additional fencing will begin on May 3 around the back of Colbert to isolate the public from construction activities. Scaffolding is being erected the week of May 10 to facilitate the abatement and demolition work in Colbert.

COP - The bridge between BSB and Colbert will be taken down at the end of May. Driven piles will be installed the beginning of June through mid-July, beginning on the east side (Ashley Ave) and moving west (Jonathan Lucas). The hours must comply with city noise ordinances. Hours are approximately 7 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday. If the crew needs to work on a Saturday, communication will be sent in advance.

Stakeholder Update (2/25/2021)

Concrete removal began this week and will continue through the month of March. You will hear cutting and jack hammering as concrete walls and the BSB canopy are removed. In addition, deep excavation will begin next week as the contractors work on sanitation and storm water systems. Digging will begin on the west side (near the medicinal garden) and move toward the east side (under the horseshoe roadway). As a result, the number of dump tucks will increase and the fire lane between BSB and Drug Discovery will be utilized more frequently. 

We are still on target with our timeline. Pile driving will occur May - July, and BSB classroom demolition will occur May - September with the auditorium demolition occurring a month or so later. However, these room demolitions will occur in the evening as to not cause disruptions during normal business hours. 

The west exit-only door that was added to BSB will soon become an entrance as well. We are currently obtaining pricing and hope to complete the work shortly,

Stakeholder Update (1/28/2021)

The project team met with stakeholders to provide a brief update about the construction activity on campus. Fences around BSB are up and the bridge between the library and BSB is closed. Site work is beginning February 1 and will continue for the next 2 to 3 months. Other items you can expect to see soon:

  • The south BSB entrances will be closed next week.
  • The public entrance during the project will be the east entrance near Ashley Avenue. Whiting-Turner will be installing an ADA ramp near that entrance.
  • The new exit on the west side of BSB will be functional next week. 
  • Whiting-Turner will be putting up screens on the fences within the next two weeks. Screens will help hide the mess generated by the construction. Once the screens are in place, signs will be placed on the fencing to direct pedestrians. 

Other information you may be curious about:

  • All exits in Colbert will remain functional until May when the building is closed for renovation.
  • The south stairwells in BSB will be functional to navigate between floors but you will not be able to exit the building.
  • The horseshoe will remain open to vehicular traffic during the entire project. For their safety, pedestrians should use sidewalks and not walk in the roadway.
  • No lane closures on Ashley Avenue are anticipated.

Below are illustrations of BSB exit paths and sidewalk access.

Fencing and Exit Paths (1/13/2021)

The fencing contractor is on campus this week and the fence outside the Basic Science Building will go up. The south entrance (facing the horseshoe) will be closed to pedestrian traffic within the next week or two. The east entrance off Ashley Avenue will be accessible. An exit door will be temporarily added to the west side of the building. You may refer to the diagram below for specific pathways. The bridge between the library and BSB will close the week of January 25.

BSB Exit Paths during Construction (PDF)

Student Study Space (1/4/2021)

The library is temporarily relocating to the University Hospital Extension (the old Children’s Hospital) for the duration of the renovation project. The first phase of the library’s four phase relocation plan began on December 18, 2020, with moving the 3rd and 4th floor student study spaces to the atrium on the 7th floor of the hospital extension. To minimize noise disruptions to students, the 3rd and 4th floors of the Colbert Education Center and Library Building are now closed for student study, effective January 4, 2021. The 1st and 2nd floors of the library will remain open until April 1, 2021. We anticipate opening an additional study space on the 8th floor of the hopsital extension later this spring. Details will be shared at a later date.

Students needing to borrow technology from the library will do so by visiting their temporary home in the atrium on the 7th floor of the hospital extension. 

Timeline (11/5/2020)

***Please note that these dates are estimates and are subject to change.

We are currently projecting that fencing will go up around the project site in December. Additionally, the bridge from the library to the Basic Science Building, the BSB south entrance (main entrance off the horseshoe), and the sidewalk long the south side of BSB will be closed in December. The east entrance of BSB near Ashley Avenue will remain open and the horseshoe will remain accessible. Between December 2020 and April 2021, the site will be prepped. During that time, you can expect to hear trucks and excavating equipment, diesel motors, generators, and pumps, but most work should not cause a lot of noise or vibration within BSB. Pile driving, demolition, and major construction will begin in May 2021. The contractor has designed the schedule for the noisiest work to occur between May and August 2021. At this time, we anticipate the Colbert Library and BSB classrooms/auditorium being completed by March 2022, and the College of Pharmacy being completed in July 2022.

Below are illustrations of the site fencing, BSB exit paths, and sidewalk access between December and the end of the project.

Decision (6/18/2020)

Construction will start May 2021. Site work and utilities will begin earlier so that building construction can commence on or about May 1. Groups that need to be relocated for the duration of the project will move in late fall or spring before construction begins. A timeline for the transition is under development.

New Start (5/8/2020)

A final decision about when to re-start construction has not yet been made; however, we do know that we cannot begin until January 2021 at the earliest. Some units may begin moving to temporary locations sooner than January so that construction can start on time. Leadership will be meeting again mid-June to determine the status of the project. We will continue to post updates here.

Delay Update (4/2/2020)

With timeline considerations and financial implications in mind, it was determined that it is best not to split the construction project but rather to delay it in its entirety. The provost has solicited feedback from key stakeholders about a potential new start date - August/September 2020, January, 2021, or May 2021. We hope to come to a decision soon.

Delay (3/20/2020)

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the library renovation slated to begin June 1, 2020 will be delayed until further notice. We are unable to use the 7th and 8th floors of the old Children’s Hospital for temporary relocations as these spaces will be used for overflow COVID-19 patient units. We are unsure how long the units will be in use for this purpose and we have no alternative space on campus to house dislocated groups. We know this is disappointing as we were all looking forward to getting work started. We are currently exploring options to determine whether it is feasible to move forward with the BSB classroom renovations as well as the construction of the new College of Pharmacy building and just delay the Colbert Library renovations. As soon as we have additional information, we will share it.

Project Description

The project has 3 components:

  1. A two-story addition will be constructed along the south side of the Basic Science Building (facing the horseshoe) to create a new College of Pharmacy.
  2. Interior renovations to the Basic Science Building
    BSB 100, 202, 302, 402, 502 - auditorium and classrooms
    BSB 103 - archives space
  3. Interior renovations to the Colbert Education Center and Library
    Relocation of sim center from College of Nursing to Library
    Revamp of student lounge and study spaces


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