Immigration Services

The immigration and visa services office within the MUSC Center for Global Health (CGH) handles all immigration and visa sponsorship related matters, including: 

  • Processing certain nonimmigrant visa sponsorship requests and preparing visa related documentation and applications for international students, scholars, and staff.
  • Providing information and guidance to MUSC personnel on immigration and visa sponsorship matters related to potential MUSC employees, students or exchange visitors.
  • Advising and assisting international students, scholars, and staff sponsored by MUSC.
  • Maintaining compliance with federal, state, and university regulations regarding international students, visiting scholars, and employees.

The immigration and visa sponsorship office is located on the fourth floor of the Harper Student Center (attached to the Wellness Center) at 45 Courtenay Drive. Due to COVID-19 modified operations, we are operating mostly in a remote capacity, with limited in-person availability.

Contact Information

Submit all general inquiries to

Denise R. Smith
Immigration Program Director
SEVIS Principal Designated School Official (PDSO)
SEVIS Responsible Officer (RO)
ECFMG Training Program Liaison (TPL)

Erin J. Huley
Immigration Program Manager
SEVIS Designated School Official (DSO)
SEVIS Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO)
ECFMG Training Program Liaison (TPL)

Hannah Casagrande
Immigration Program Coordinator