Humanitas 2019 A Literary Journal of the Medical University of South Carolina Volume 23

Changing Shifts

Ragan DuBose-Morris | Faculty, Academic Affairs Faculty

The soles file past each other

Shifts taking their appointed turn

Morning smiles nodding to overnight hazes

Each foot forward, another day earned


Passing the torch of care to those who guide the day

While those who have kept watch overnight recede

Nothing quite done, only started with intent

So that others can pick up the mantle of those who proceed


Without the shifts, the gap would consume

Patients and families left alone and undone

No resupplies, rebuilds or refills in place

A world left craving hope arriving with each rising sun


All passing souls serve to fill voids across time and place

Without supremacy and carrying forward untold stories of grace

The shifts change as sure as the king tides rise

Another day starting and ending within these changing shifts in space


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