Humanitas 2019 A Literary Journal of the Medical University of South Carolina Volume 23


John Dinolfo | Faculty, Academic Affairs Faculty

The dream came to her

just before dawn in the

slow redemptive interval

between sleep and wakening

on the day of his funeral

her grandfather reaching

toward the somehow open

window in that final hospital

room rising unaided from the

bed that had bound him

so long against his will

moving in the taut white

light steeped in pain and

memory with flint faced

determination reminiscent of

Normandy when the fearful

world his children and

grandchildren he passionately

prayed would never know

was ablaze and dying on

that unfamiliar ground where

he and so many risked all

for final deliverance now

this last assault altering

into gift the certain memory

of his grandson’s embrace

before deployment to Iraq

his bride’s covenant smile

reborn in his granddaughter’s

gaze set prayerfully against

implacable loss and mourning

he is moving still forward in

these last rights across

ransomed ground beyond

the bonds of death.


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