Humanitas 2019 A Literary Journal of the Medical University of South Carolina Volume 23

Things to Do

Aarti Shenoy | Student, College of Graduate Studies

I. Immediate survival
A forest fire like restlessness inside your chest
Do not douse it, there isn’t enough water in the world
Let it burn off the dry, rotting bits
Allow the soil of your soul to replenish
New growth needs some old-fashioned sacrifice

II. Prolonged survival
Feed yourself something kind, often
Mash it up with flavours
One heaping spoon of acceptance
Two cups of literature
1-3/4 spoons of a new city
Add defiance, to taste

III. Indefinite growth
Take a new route every once in a while
Not on your daily commute, silly!
On your way to becoming
The ‘you’ that can encompass
a whole lifetime’s worth of aching
and still have a corner for wonder

IV. Specialized functions
Look at the world like a five year old child
She thinks it is limitless, and so is she.
Live your life like your cat would
Shower love where deserved, but
always save copious amounts for yourself


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