Master of Science in Dentistry | Endodontics Curriculum

The format outlined below is subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors, and continued relevance to the overall curriculum.         


Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Summer GDENT-701-01 Preclinical Instruction 1
    GDENT-710  Head and Neck Anatomy Review 0.5
    GDENT-834  Advanced Topics in Radiology   1
      Total Semester Hours 2.5
1 Fall GDENT-800 Research Methodologies 1.5
    GDENT-801 Teaching Methods 1.5
    GDENT-878 Oral Medicine 2
    GDENT-899 Research Thesis 1
    GENDO-704  Classic Literature Review 2
    GENDO-705  Current Literature Review 1
    GENDO-783 Clinical Case Review I 2
      Total Semester Hours 11
1 Spring  GDENT-868 Advanced Oral and Maxillo Path 2
Dental Ethics/Behavioral Mgmt  1
    GDENT-899 Research Thesis 2
    GENDO-706 Classic Literature Review II
    GENDO-716 Current Literature Review II
    GENDO-784 Clincal Case Review II 2
      Total Semester Hours 10
2 Summer GDENT-899
Research Thesis
    GENDO-785 Clinical Case Review III 1
      Total Semester Hours 2
2 Fall GDENT-899 Research Thesis 1
    GENDO-728 Classic Literature Review III
    GENDO-729 Current Literature Review III
    GENDO-786 Clinical Case Review IV 2
      Total Semester Hours 6
2 Spring GDENT-899 Research Thesis 3
    GENDO-733 Classic Literature Review IV
    GENDO-734 Current Literature Review IV
    GENDO-787 Clinical Case Review V 2
      Total Semester Hours 8
3 Summer GENDO-788 Clinical Case Review VI 1
Research Thesis  1
      Total Semester Hours 2
    Total Program Credit Hours 41.5