ITHE Curriculum

The Certificate in Clinical Research Clinical is ideal for specialists, residents and fellows who desire to accrue the core competencies to participate in clinical research without pursuing a graduate degree. Candidates are required to complete 19 credit hours for completion.

Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Fall MCR*700 Clinical Biostatistics 3
MCR*736 Clinical Epidemiology 3
MCR*750 Ethical Issues in Clin 1
    MCR*731  Critical Review   2 
    MCR*732  Comparative Effectiveness Resch 3
Total Semester Hours 6-12
1 Spring MCR*724 Intro to Clinical Trials 3
MCR*752 Team Science in Clinical Resch 1
MCR*770 Intro to Grant Writing  1
    MCR*732 Comparative Effectiveness Resch   3 
Total Semester Hours 6-8
1 Summer MCR*731 Critical Review 2
MCR*773 Industry/Regulatory 2
Total Semesters Hours 4
Total Credit Hours 19