MS in Occupational Therapy | Curriculum

In response to ever-changing needs in a variety of practice environments, the curriculum is evaluated regularly to prepare students for the clinical, administrative and research demands of the profession. Prospective applicants are advised to contact the department for any updates which may alter prerequisites and curriculum requirements.

Occupational Perf/Mus Con II
Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Summer OT-716 Human Anatomy 5
    OT-545L Surface Anatomy Lab 1
    OT-612 Intro to Oc Science & Oc Thera 2
    OT-659 OT Clin Correlate  1
      Total Semester Hours 9
1 Fall OT-701 Neuroscience 4
    OT-644 Occ Perform Musculoskel Cond  3
    OT-644L Occ Perform Musculoskel I Lab 2
    OT-601 Occupational Perform/PEDS I 3
    OT-601L Occu Performance in Peds I Lab 1
    OT-667 Evidence Based Practice I 2
    IP-711 IP Foundations & Teamstepps 1
    IP-###  IP Concentration Course of choice 1
      Total Semester Hours 17
1 Spring OT-619 Pathophysiology 3
    OT-646 Occupational Perf/Mus Con II  4
    OT-646L Occupational Per/Mus Con IIL 2
    OT-602 Occupational Perform/Peds II 3
    OT-602L Occup Perform in Peds II Lab 2
    OT-522 OT Clinical Correlate (Peds).  1
    OT-530 OT for Neuro Cond I 2
    OT-530L OT for Neuro Cond I Lab 1
    OT-668 Evidence Based Practice II 1
      Total Semester Hours 19
2 Summer OT-606 Occup Perf: Neuro II 1
    OT-606L Occup Perf: Neuro II Lab 1
    OT-604 OT Perform/Psychosocial P I 1
    OT-604L OT Perform/Psycho Pract Lab I 1
    OT-639 Delivery & Management of OT 3
    OT-603 Occupational Performance/Geri 2
    OT-661 OT Clin Correlate (Geriatric) 1
      Total Semester Hours 10+
2 Fall OT-510 Professional Issues in OT 2
    OT-608 Occ Perf. Neuro Cond. III 3
    OT-608L Occ. Perf. Neuro. Cond. III L 1
    OT-638 Occ Perform Psychosocial Pr II 2
    OT-520 Clin Correlate (Psychosocial) 1
    OT-625 OT Clin Correlate Phys Dysfun 1
    OT-622 Synthesis and App. of Clin. Sk 1
      Total Semester Hours 11+
2 Spring OT-640 Clinical Practicum I 12
      Total Semester Hours 12
3 Summer OT-641 Clinical Practicum II 12
    OT-698 Prof Capstone Seminar 1
      Total Semester Hours 13
      Total Credit Hours 91
    OT-561 Res/Schol Exp in Occ Ther I 1
    OT-562 Res/Schol Exp in Occup Ther II 2
    OT-627 Clinical Anatomy of the Upper 1
    OT-664 Instructional Processes 1-3v
    OT-695 Community Based Practice 1-3v
    OT 636 Advanced Treatment Techniques 1-3v
    OT 637 Special Topics in OT      1-3v
    OT 681 Independent Study  1-3v