Academic Review and Appeal

The Medical University of South Carolina, subject to all rights and remedies existing under the law as to due process and rights of appeal, reserves the right to discipline, suspend, and/or dismiss any student from the Medical University of South Carolina at any time when it appears that the student is physically, morally, psychologically, or academically unsuited to continue the studies necessary to complete the requirements for the degree for which he/she is enrolled. This may occur upon review of the student’s overall performance as well as of that within a single term.

A student wishing to dispute disciplinary action concerning academic performance may proceed in two ways:

a.) A student disputing action based on his/her performance in a specific department or course should attempt to resolve such dispute personally with the academic department involved. If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student and the student continues to feel that a wrong has occurred, the student may petition in writing the dean of his/her college. The decision of the dean is final.

b.) A student disputing an action of a progress committee should appeal in writing to the college dean. An appeal must be received by the dean within seven calendar days following receipt of notice by the student of the action of the progress committee or the appeal will be waived. The dean may refer the matter to the progress committee or to an ad hoc committee for consideration and recommendation.

  1. The chairman of the progress committee or ad hoc committee will provide the student with written notice of the hearing not less than seven calendar days prior to the hearing.
  2. During any appeal process, a student is considered to be maintaining academic activity and interacting with faculty, even if not physically present in a classroom.
  3. The student must present all relevant evidence at the hearing and may be accompanied by a faculty advisor of choice.
  4. The recommendation of the committee will be submitted in writing to the dean.
  5. The dean, after a review of the record and the recommendation of the committee, will render a decision and advise the student in writing.
  6. The decision of the college dean will be final.


Each college has identified additional procedures for addressing concerns and complaints related to grades, dismissal, and academic progress.  Please visit your college's website for more information.