Identification Badge Policy

Classification: University - Student
Approval Authority: Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Responsible Entity : Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life
Policy Owner: Darlene Shaw, PhD
Original Effective Date: March 2018


I. Policy Statement

The identification badge issued by the Department of Public Safety is the official MUSC ID card.  Only the individual to whom the badge is issued is authorized to possess or utilize it.  The badge is to be worn by all students while on the premises of MUSC.  The badge is to be at the student's eye level with name, picture, and college clearly visible.


II. Scope

All MUSC students are expected to comply with this policy.


III. Approval Authority

The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost is the approval authority for this policy.


IV. Purpose of This Policy

The student identification badge, the official MUSC form of identification, serves as verification that an MUSC student is the person who he/she claims to be as is required by applicable laws. The identification badge permits accessibility to MUSC facilities including clinical areas both during and after normal school hours.  It also serves as a means of payment for cafeteria purchases and copying services.  In order to ensure the safety of our students and the MUSC community, this policy identifies appropriate use of the student ID badge and sanctions for misuse.


V. Who Should be Knowledgeable of This Policy

All MUSC students and employees in the Department of Public Safety, college deans, and academic administrators should be knowledgeable about this policy.


VI. The Policy

As the official university identification, the student identification badge is to be worn at all times and presented upon request to University officials.  The badge, official property of the University, is non­transferable, cannot be altered in any way, and if damaged, lost, or stolen must be reported to Public Safety and replaced by the student immediately.  Only the individual to whom the badge is issued is authorized to wear, utilize or possess his/her ID badge.  Found ID badges should be returned to Public Safety as soon as possible.


A student must relinquish his/her badge to his/her college upon an approved leave of absence, graduation, or withdrawal from MUSC.


VII. Special Situations

A student who is not in possession of his/her badge for a single day is in violation of this policy, and the University has the right to request that the student provide another acceptable form of identification for that day.  Circumstances can dictate a reasonable explanation for violation, and the policy violator(s) will be afforded the opportunity to offer an explanation to his/her dean's office. The dean's office may take into consideration if disciplinary actions are indicated and the nature of those actions.  Examples of circumstances to be taken into consideration for determining disciplinary action include lending/receiving a badge in the library to use the copier and opening a secured door for a recognized classmate.


VIII. Sanctions for Non-compliance

Violations are to be reported to and addressed by the student's dean's office.  Depending on the circumstances, both the badge owner and badge user could be found in violation.  A student who violates this policy shall be subject to penalties ranging from a verbal warning up to, and including, dismissal.


Examples of non-compliance

·        Failure to report a lost, stolen, or damaged badge to and obtain a replacement or temporary badge from Public Safety within 48 hours

·        Giving a student's ID badge to another person for their use

·        Theft of another student's ID badge

·        Use of an identification badge to cause harm, to deceive, to defraud; use that demonstrates a lack of concern about the consequences of actions

IX. Related Information

MUSC Human Resources Management Policy- Identification Badge, Policy 32

MUSC Department of Public Safety- ID Card Issuance, Policy and Procedure 85

MUSC Code of Conduct

X. Communication Plan

The policy will be included in The Bulletin, the document of authority for all students.  All students will be notified through the Student Broadcast Message system and through their colleges' communication system. Employees will be informed through normal communication channels.


XI. Definitions


an individual enrolled in one or more MUSC credit-bearing courses


Student identification badge

a form of identification issued by the Department of Public Safety that includes the student's photograph, first and last names, title of "student," name of college, and expiration date; may include academic degrees ; has numerous applications including accessing secured buildings after hours, gaining admission to university-sponsored events and the Wellness Center buildings, verifying identification for testing, paying for meals, and helping prevent unauthorized persons from compromising the security of the University


Dean's office

office of the dean of the  on college in which the student is enrolled; responsible for maintaining documentation of non-compliance; documentation to include student, date, offense,  sanction(s)


XII. Review Cycle

This policy will be reviewed every 3 years.


XIII. Approval History

Original approval date and subsequent review dates:

May 1, 2018

XIV. Approval Signature


Lisa K Saladin, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
May 1, 2018