Course registration is usually handled administratively by each college dean’s office. The nature of the lock-step curriculum reduces substantially the need for the student personally to select courses.

Registration, schedules, and fees due are viewable via Life at MUSC at least six weeks before the semester begins. During a period before classes begin, students may make course changes via their college of enrollment. However, all students are encouraged to pay fees early online in order to save time and avoid inconvenience to their personal schedules.

Students may not be enrolled in more than one program at any given time except for combined degree programs.

Continuous Enrollment Policy

Students admitted to MUSC are expected to be continuously enrolled throughout their courses of study.

Any student not registered for a term in which classes for that program are normally offered, must be withdrawn or placed on leave of absence. The Dean's office of the students' college is responsible for communicating the student's status with the Registrar's office by the drop/add period of that term. If no such notification is received by the drop/add period, the Registrar will change the student's status to being on leave of Absence and notify the student. Notification of change of status will be sent to the student's last known address. Students who are withdrawn from a program must apply for re-admittance.

Students in an appeals process are considered actively engaged in academic activity, even if not present in the classroom, until that process is completed or the end of the drop/add period for the following term. If an appeal process extends beyond the end of the drop/add period for the following term, the student must either be registered or placed on leave of absence for the remainder of the term. For additional information regarding leaving the University can be found within the Leaving the University Policy.


The drop/add period extends through the first 14 calendar days of the Fall and Spring semesters. The drop/add period extends through approximately the first 30 calendar days of Summer semester. For courses of less duration than the length of the full semester, the drop period shall be up to 15% of the length of that course as measured in clock hours. Course Drop/Add forms must be appropriately signed and returned to Enrollment Management. Courses dropped during this period do not appear on the academic record. Access to the Office of Enrollment Management forms can be found at 

Cross Registration

MUSC cooperates with other local post-secondary publicly supported institutions to allow full-time undergraduate students to enroll in a course at a comparable level usually at no extra charge at institutions listed below provided that the course is not offered concurrently at MUSC and the student possesses the qualifications stipulated by the course description and the institution. These institutions are Charleston Southern University, the College of Charleston, and Trident Technical College.

To enroll in a course, the student must have the approval of his/her advisor and the academic deans of both institutions. Enrollment at Charleston Southern University will incur additional tuition charges. All grades earned at the host campus will be automatically posted to the home campus record and, if appropriate, will be computed in the grade average. Cross registration forms are available in the MUSC Office of Enrollment Management.