Student Concerns and Complaints

MUSC respects and protects the diverse interests of all students, faculty, and employees and promotes a philosophy of mutual respect.  MUSC is committed to providing students with a quality experience in an environment where constructive feedback is encouraged and complaints are effectively addressed.  It is the intent of the university to provide an open, fair, and accessible process which encourages the prompt resolution of complaints/issues encountered by students.   

The University and the six colleges have established mechanisms for students to submit informal complaints and processes to submit formal, written complaints which include the opportunity to appeal.  The student is encouraged to address his/her concerns at the earliest possible time and on an informal basis with the program or individual involved.   

College-specific complaints including academic, curricula, and professionalism complaints are to be directed to the student's college dean's office. Complaints related to university-wide services, including student programs, counseling and psychological services, student health, educational technology, enrollment management, library services, student accounting, etc. are to be directed to the Associate Provost for Education Affairs and Student Life.

There are additional internal and external offices, organizations, and accrediting bodies to which students may submit complaints.  The following list identifies the appropriate agency for specific types of complaints.  If a student or constituent is not clear on which procedure would be most appropriate to follow, please contact the dean’s office or Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life for assistance.

For more information, including specific policies or procedures, please refer to the appropriate concerns type. 

College Concerns

Complaints related to college-specific concerns including curricula, student/faculty/staff relationships, and professionalism complaints, are to be directed to the student’s college dean’s office.

    College of Dental Medicine

                  College of Graduate Studies

                  College of Health Professions

                  College of Medicine

                  College of Nursing

                  College of Pharmacy

University Concerns

Complaints related to university-wide services including student programs, counseling and psychological services, student health, educational technology, wellness center, enrollment management, library services, student accounting, and other university-wide services. Please visit the Education and Student Life Student Complaint Procedure website for details on how to submit a concern or complaint regarding University services. 

Other Concerns

Other complaint categories including honor code, gender equity or sexual harassment, code of conduct, ADA, FERPA, Research misconduct. 

Code of Conduct violation
Confidential Hotline (legal, regulatory, or policy compliance, or fraud, waste, or abuse)
Faculty instructor - proficiency in spoken and written English
Gender equity or sexual harassment
Honor Code violation
Mistreatment, but not sexual harassment
Protections of an individual with a disability (ADA)
Release of and/or access to student education records (FERPA)
Research misconduct
Standard or requirement of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
Violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or policy 

All Students including Distance Education Students

If after exhausting all internal measures for having a complaint addressed, the student may file a complaint with the South Carolina Commissioner on Higher Education within two years of the incident. Please visit the Student Complaint Procedures on the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education website