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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance transfers the risk of high medical costs from the insured to the insurance company. As an MUSC student, you are required to carry health insurance. Choose the health plan that is best for you. MUSC offers a student health plan.

All students need to waive or enroll in the student health plan. You will default into the student health plan if you do not make a selection by the due date.

Once you leave MUSC, health insurance is a benefit with many occupations. Health insurance should be compared when you have multiple job offers. Benefits are part of the compensation package.

Understanding Health Insurance Terms

Understanding Health Insurance. Premium means the monthly cost to obtain the insurance policy. Deductible is the amount paid to medical providers before insurance pays and individual must meet deductible annually. Out of pocket maximum is the maximum amount paid for medical expenses in policy year and restarts annually.  Benefit maximum is the maximum the insurance company will pay for a service in a policy year. Copay is the fee paid to your medical provider each visit.  in net-work are medical providers that accept your provider.