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Save on Housing

5 Tips to Reduce Housing Costs

Housing costs have skyrocketed around the country. Often this is one of the biggest expenses for students.

1. Get a roommate(s).

Roommates will divide more than just rent as the cost of utilities will be divided as well.

2. Live off the Charleston peninsula. 

West Ashley, James Island, North Charleston, or Mt. Pleasant have more affordable rental rates. CARTA Express is free to MUSC students so parking is not an issue.

3. Consider rotation schedules. 

At different times in your program, you may be traveling to a new area for a rotation. It is important you work with your college clinical placement staff to know what housing might be an option for you. Housing options may include SC Area Health Education Consortium for rural areas, connecting with clinical site to explore known housing options, or a short-term rentals through AirBnB or VRBO. 

4. Get creative.

Rent a room in someone's home. If you own a home with an extra bedroom, consider renting it to another student. You increase your income and help another student reduce their housing costs. It is a win-win.

5. Be willing to live like a student while you are a student.

While a student, you need to make choices to reduce costs. It is a sacrifice now, but will reduce your student loans significantly. Saving just $300/month may not seem like a lot, but makes a difference in your total debt.

Reducing Costs by $300/Month

Total Saved

 1 year $3,600
 2 years $7,200
 3 years $10,800
4 years $14,400

Reducing rent is a quick way to save a significant amount of money.