Sessions and Series

Apple Tree Society promotes sessions and series that focus on teaching and learning. Additional series are planned throughout the year to highlight current trends in teaching and learning at MUSC. 

Included on this page:

Brown Bag Sessions

Apple Tree sponsors various Brown Bag sessions throughout the year that focus on teaching, learning, technology, and research. These sessions may be a signle session or a series. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in these sessions. 

Some past topics include: challenging students, finding and using multimedia, teaching millenials, endnote, instructional design, augmented reality, copyright, social media, innovative teaching, significance and p-values, teaching writing, healthy lifestyles, and more! 

Foundations in Teaching and Learning

A 6-part series for faculty new to teaching or experienced faculty who want to share their expertise and explore additional teaching strategies. The series will provide opportunities for learning, networking, and mentoring. Participants will complete out of class assignments and engage in interactive sessions, mentoring, shadowing, and other experiences useful for building a teaching portfolio.

Topics and Objectives:

Session 1: Getting Ready to Teach

  • Define the characteristics of various learners.
  • Use principles of Backward Design and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Model to identify learning outcomes.
  • Develop a Teaching Philosophy

Session 2: Designing Content for All

  • Understand Universal Design for Learning and how it benefits all students.
  • Discuss and identify key elements of UDL and how to apply it to an educational scenario.

Session 3: Teaching Methods and Techniques

  • Discuss advantages and challenges of various teaching methods and techniques.
  • Determine teaching methods and techniques to apply in your instructional setting and methods for evaluation.

Session 4: Social Learning

  • Understand the importance of students learning from each other.
  • Understand the importance giving students the opportunity to learn from each other.

Session 5: Alternative Assessments

  • Define opportunities to integrate alternative assessments into health professions training.
  • List education technology tools that can assist with the provision of innovative assessments.
  • Describe best practices related to evaluations that function within and outside traditional classroom settings.

Session 6: Innovative Teacher Panel

To receive a certificate of completion:

  • Attend 5 of the 6 sessions and complete online evaluation of each session attended
  • Find a mentor, observe them teaching, and complete an observation form
  • Write a paragraph about a change you will make to an existing course or how you plan to integrate something learned during the series
  • Begin development of an educator development plan* including personal statement/articulating your goals, CV, and teaching philosophy
  • Complete post-survey

Foundations of Quality Online Instruction

Foundations of Quality Online Instruction is a 4-week self-paced course hosted in Harbor that is designed to introduce best practices, tools and theories related to online instruction. This includes background on how online learning differs from in person, an introduction to designing both online content and interactive activities as well as the various tools that can be implemented to support all learners.

Learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  • Participants will understand the importance of relating to the online learner and how to design content specifically for this type of instruction.
  • Participants will explore best practices for online instruction related to the theories and tools that support them.
  • Participants will evaluate the different types of supported technologies that enhance online learning.
  • Participants will explore various strategies for meeting the needs and preferences of all learners within an online platform.

Course content outline:

  • Understanding the Online Learner
  • The Instructors Role in Planning and Designing Online Content
  • Supported Instructional Technologies and Tools
  • Creating Effective Online Activities
  • Inclusion and Motivation for All Learners

To receive a certificate of completion:

To receive a certificate for this course, please complete the Foundations in Quality Online Teaching Course Template. The template includes the five module topics from this course, you will be asked to create two goals for each module topic and a timeline for implementation your goals.