Employee Recognition

*The Employee Recognition Program recognizes outstanding contributions from individuals within the division of Education and Student Life. New in 2019, rotating categories will be used to highlight different areas where unit members stand out

Please nominate up to 3 individuals for each category. Try to consider employees in other ESL Departments in addition to those in your unit.

Name will not be shared.
Highest of High Fives
Sometimes actions speak louder than words. This person deserves the very best high five for a job well done. It could be for something big that they’ve done recently or a series of small things over time that add up to make a difference.

Ace of Initiative
This individual is a natural leader who knows how to get things done. Whether an individual task or a project for the unit, they are not afraid to take the first steps to get things moving and then stick with it until the end. This person motivates and inspires the people around them.