Past Projects


Combating Childhood Obesity Through Exercise to Improve Child Health

Immigrant Health in South Carolina: The Cost of Ignorance and Exploitation in a Volatile Political Climate

The Future of Medicaid and its Perceived Impact at MUSC

Mental Health Parity: Assessing the Current Climate in South Carolina Understanding Legislation Related to Women’s Health and Cancer


Health Care Disparities Among Charleston's Elderly How Can We Bridge the Gap?

Understanding Barriers that Influence the Healthcare of South Carolina’s Poor

Minorities at Risk without Affordable Health Care in South Carolina

Disparities in the HIV/AIDS Population in the US and South Carolina

Eliminating Rural Disparities: Systematic Approach to Health Care Delivery


Intimate Partner Violence in the Charleston Area

Assessment of Cancer Knowledge: Promoting Wellness and Prevention, An Educational Empowerment Model

Nutrition and Obesity – Childhood Obesity

Oral Health and Prevention in the State of South Carolina

Enhancement of Diabetes Prevention Awareness in Adolescents


End of Life Care

The Social Determinants of Health through the Lens of Politics: Smoke-Free Environments

Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water: An Analysis of the Problem in the Charleston Area and Finding a Solution Through Awareness

The Barriers of Immigrant Health…¿Se habla Español?

The Impact of Violence on Health: Lessons Learned from North Charleston


Eliminating Childhood Obesity in Inner-City Elementary School Children

Identifying a New Food Distribution Center for a Supplemental Food Program

Wellness Indicators in North Charleston, SC

Improving Diabetes Care Through the Discharge Process


Community Connections Pregnant Teens

Expanding Knowledge About Diabetes Among the Local Hispanic Community

Health Literacy:  Focus on Reading Nutrition Labels

Improving Knowledge of Proper Medical Disposal Among Pharmacists in Charleston County, SC

Evaluation Student Knowledge of Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services in Charleston, SC


Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Education in Parents of Elementary and Middle School Aged Students

Sea Islands Cultural Outreach

Heart Attack Awareness:  Educating Rural South Carolina Populations to Improve Survival Rates

Mental Illness and the Homeless Population

Educating Low Country Food Bank Agencies on the Importance of Nutrition through an Integrative Curriculum


Living Healthy with Fruits and Veggies, Physical Activity and Water

REACH Hypertension Project

Medication Safety for Older Adults

Pre and Post Educational Assessment of Sexually Transmitted Infections

An Analysis of the Efficacy of Communication on the Human Papillomavirus in a Community Outreach Setting


Oral Health Literacy in a Group of Hispanic Women

The Community Health Fair as a Tool to Address Maternal Infant Health

Interprofessional Approaches to Patient-Centered Care

Providing Access to Athletic Physicals

Health Knowledge in College


Access To Healthcare

Hotdogs are Actually Good for Mental Health

Healthcare Perspectives of the Sexual Minority Community and Attitudes of the MUSC Community: A Photovoice Project

Creating a Voice for Low Literacy Populations

A Community Health Fair Survey Addressing Child Care

2014-2015 Scholars Day: The Meaning of PSP


The Development of an Advocacy Video to Promote Awareness about the Homeless Population in the Charleston Community

Mind, Body, Basketball

Fresh for All: Providing Health Education to the Underserved

Health Profession Students' and Preceptors' Satisfaction of Using Telehealth Technology

Community Health Fair to Assess Knowledge of Maternal and Child Health in an Underserved Population


Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Collaborating with the Clemente Course: Promoting Health Awareness

Improving Naloxone Education and SC Policy Awareness

Partnership for Welcome