ITFR Video Conferencing Policies

The Medical University of South Carolina’s video conferencing is based on telecommunication technology that connects two or more locations over a secure computer network with a camera, monitor, and microphone at each location. Once the videoconference is scheduled and connected, the MUSC’s staff and distant location will experience a totally interactive audio/visual session.

The use of videoconferencing offers several key benefits. It removes the need to travel between locations for face-to-face collaborations, therefore saving time and costs in travel, as well as allowing for increased productivity during travel time. It also has the potential of greatly improving communication between remote sites. Additionally, unlike telephone conferencing, videoconferencing keeps the face-to-face element in live interactions, which is important in certain situations.

There are several options for software-based video conferencing, such as Skype. These are applications that run on your computer and use your internal microphone, speakers, and webcam. The quality of video and audio is generally lower than that of dedicated units (such as Polycom or Cisco) and your content is NOT secure. ITFR does not support these types of applications. Please contact the Network Support Team at for more information regarding non-secure video conferencing applications.

Users must schedule the room through Classroom Scheduling

Once you have confirmation of the room the user must fill out the required Video Conferencing Form.

Video Conferencing scheduling considerations:

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday except for state holidays.

The Scheduler will require at least a 72 hour notice to schedule video conferences. 

Video Conferencing support can be reached at 843-792-4168 or the AV Support Line at 843-792-9000.

MUSC reserves the right to accept or deny use of the Video Conference Room. MUSC academic classes always receive first priority.

Distance education classrooms will be shared based on the following priorities:

  1. MUSC distance education academic courses and programs
  2. MUSC fee for service distance education activities and programs (MUSC CE programs, research or administrative videoconferencing)
  3. MUSC regular (non-DE) academic classes, programs and events
  4. Non-MUSC fee for service distance education activities and programs

There is a fee for ALL non-academic video conferencing. The fees are as follows:

  • $50.00 per hour for all IP calls made in the USA
  • $150.00 per hour for all IP calls made outside the USA

This fee includes setup, site to site testing and technical support that will be provided 30 minutes prior to the conference and for 15 minutes into the conference. If the user wishes to have a technician remain in the room or operate the equipment during the conference, an additional hourly on-site technical support charge will apply.