Instructional Technology

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The goal of ITFR is to help faculty to use technology as a tool by encouraging an “effective teaching first, technology second” approach to learning. There are multiple instructional technology tools in place at MUSC to help support faculty in their pedagogical approach both inside and outside of the physical classroom. Not only are there instructional technology tools, but ITFR has a team that will help you in the deliberate planning and creation of materials used to provide knowledge to your learners. Our instructional designers have expert knowledge on instruction and learning so that you can incorporate the instructional technology tools to aid in that learning.

Instructional Technology

Tools and technology used to support learning

Educational Software Support

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We provide technical support and training for University educational software. As technology is expanding every minute, educational software is becoming a staple in many learning structures. Properly used, educational software can make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Educational software can be utilized to support or extend teaching and learning experiences. Effective integration is achieved when the use of educational software is consistent in supporting curricular goals.

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Curated Resources for Faculty

Faculty can utilize a myriad of instructional technology tools provided by MUSC and outside of MUSC. Below are curated resources for faculty to aid in their teaching practice.

  • Brightspace
  • MS Teams
  • Tech tools for teaching

Curated Resources for Students

MUSC has many different tools for students to utilize for classroom learning, collaboration, presentations, and more. Below are curated resources for students to aid learning.

  • Brightspace
  • MS Teams
  • Tech tools for projects and presentations

Instructional Design

Planning and creation of materials used to provide knowledge to learners

Instructional Design

Our instructional design team can assist you in:

  • Designing detailed and organized syllabi.
  • Developing course outcomes and objectives for your students.
  • Creating easy to navigate and accessible courses.
  • Incorporating multiple methods to check student learning
  • Providing design suggestions to improve organization and communication. 
  • A review of your existing course where we will provide suggestions and ideas for implementation in a future course. 
  • Improving the inclusive design and accessibility of your course.

Technology for Teaching 

Our instructional designers can help you choose the best university supported tools to support your course objectives and activities. Whether you need a lot of help with technology or just a hand with the details, we will collaborate with you to identify the instructional technologies that support your teaching style, and enhance the learning experience for your students. Let us help you steer clear of frustrations and technical pitfalls, and allow you concentrate on what you do best—teach your course.

Instructional Science

Knowledge about instruction and learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is where instructors are engaged in evolving theory and practices that involve student learning. Our team is ready to support you in collaborative research efforts.