LMS Migration

MUSC’s New Learning Management System: Brightspace

What is Brightspace?

D2L is the company name, and Brightspace is the product. Brightspace, or “Brightspace Learning Environment”, is an innovative learning management system for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources.

*Access MUSC's Brightspace site. 

D2L Brightspace interface across various platforms: desktop, smartphone, tablet

Important Dates

  • March 1, 2021, May 1, 2021, July 1, 2021 – Brightspace is available to learnersThis is dependent on the college and program.
  • June 30, 2021 - Last day to access Harbor. 

Training and Support

  • 24/7 support offered by D2L - Available on MUSC's Brightspace homepage through the Chat with Brightspace 24/7 widget. 
    • When you begin a chat on the 24/7 D2L Support page, if someone does not respond to your chat within a minute of you sending the initial chat:
      1. Close the current chat and open a new one to re-prompt someone to answer your question.  2. Go to the Support Page > Click on Contact Support in the navbar> choose Support Request Form. This method of contacting support is on average 4 hour response time.

College Support and Training Contacts: 

If you need additional information on support in your area and who to contact, review the Brightspace support process. 

Transition Resources

Tip sheets have been created to assist with the transition to Brightspace. All tip sheets are available through Box with the option to download.


  1. What will happen to my Harbor course?
    We will only be migrating the past one years’ worth of courses to Brightspace (unless otherwise specifically requested). Student data such as assignments uploaded, discussion forum posts and grades issued will not be migrated.The last day to access Harbor is June 30th, 2021. 
  2. Will Blackboard Collaborate still be an option in Brightspace?
    We will no longer have Blackboard Collaborate as our virtual classroom option after July 2021. Microsoft Teams will become the integrated virtual classroom option for Brightspace. 
  3. I love using H5P interactive content in my course! What will happen to those activities?
    Current H5P activities will not migrate. Learn how to continue using H5P.  
  4. I have additional questions, who do I contact?
    Review the Brightspace support process outlined in the training and support section on this web page. 
  5. Will we rename Brightspace like we did for Open LMS calling it Harbor? No, we will call the learning management system by the vendor's name, Brightspace.
  6. What if I need access to course content from outside of the semesters included in the migration? MUSC will store backup files from 2017-2021 of courses in Harbor. These backup files will be stored for five (5) years.
  7. Can we integrate software that our college has purchased into Brightspace? Historically, ITFR has only integrated 3rd party software that is centrally managed and supported. 3rd party integrations could be solutions that a specific college has purchased and support like Zoom. Centrally managed solutions are those that the University has purchased licenses for everyone on campus like Panopto. We are going to continue the same process for Brightspace due to limited resources to take on this additional work for a college. Exceptions would be if the majority of colleges found the particular 3rd party software critical for their courses like ExamSoft.
  8. What is the last date that I can access Harbor or use it for teaching? No one can access Harbor after June 30, 2021. All courses that overlap that time will need to be in Brightspace from the beginning of the course.
  9. Will we continue to have access to Blackboard Ally? Yes, Blackboard Ally is integrated into Brightspace.
  10. What will happen to Turn It In assignment portals? Turn It In assignments in Harbor cannot be migrated and will need to be recreated in Brightspace. 
  11. Will learners have access to past Panopto recordings? Yes, learners will continue to have access to past recordings through the Panopto website. Any folders that they currently have access to will continue to be available for viewing.
  12. Will there be site downtime for updates? No, Brightspace uses a continuous monthly update schedule. For reference, release notes are available at the Brightspace Community site.
  13. Will there still be the option to automatically push grades to WebAdvisor? No, this feature will not be part of Brightspace. All grades must be entered directly into the WebAdvisor site.