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Intramural Sportsmanship Policy


The following is pertaining to all sports sanctioned, sponsored, and/or supplemented by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association. As a MUSC intramural participant both MUSC students and participants are representatives of this University. Furthermore, students represent their chosen profession, and school. Therefore, proper decorum is mandatory at all times. It is important that students have the right to a positive environment in which they can enjoy their participation in intramurals. In order to continue in the tradition, all students should embrace enjoyable and friendly competition while maintaining sportsmanlike conduct on and off the field.


For a minor infraction resulting in ejection from the game, the alleged offender is to sit out the current game and the following game in that sport. Three minors incurred within a calendar year will constitute in a major infraction.

For a major infraction resulting in ejection from the game, the onsite intramural coordinators will be immediately notified and they will present the information to the Student Programs Coordinator within FIVE days. The alleged offender is to be disqualified from participating in any and all MUSC intramurals for the remainder of that year and be placed on intramural probation for the remainder of his/her tenure at MUSC. The Student Programs Coordinator will notify the alleged offender and the player's college Dean's Office, specifically the Associate Dean of the major infraction. In order to return to play while on intramural probation, the alleged offender is required to write a letter of apology to the President of the MUSC-SGA, the Referee(s), and the Associate Dean of the college in which the alleged offender is enrolled. If the alleged offender commits a second major infraction he/she will be automatically disqualified from participating in any sports, sanctioned, sponsored, and/or supplemented by MUSC-SGA.

In the case of a Major Infraction, the alleged offender may request an appeal hearing within 5 days of the alleged event. This hearing will consist of the alleged offender, both intramural coordinators, and the Student Programs Coordinator. At this meeting the alleged offender will be given a chance to present his version of the incident. Written statements will be accepted/or invited from witnesses. A report from the presiding referee will be presented at the hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, the two intramural coordinators and the Student Programs Coordinator will discuss the event and vote on whether to sustain or dismiss the major infraction or determine further consequences (i.e. future suspension from games, reinstatement for that season, etc.). This decision is final and is up to the discretion of this committee.

For Non-MUSC players eligible for participation in MUSC intramurals, one major infraction would result in the indefinite loss of privilege to participate in any sport sanctioned, sponsored, or supplemented by MUSC SGA.


Minor Infraction: Verbally aggressive language (beyond “trash-talking”), intoxication, aggression with an inanimate object (kicking a ball at the wall, etc), any non-fighting expulsion as defined under major infraction.

Major Infraction: Fighting or physical actions with malicious intent.

Year: A year is defined as a calendar year beginning on the date the major infraction occurred and ending on that date the following year.

Intramural Probation: Intramural Probation is to last the remaining tenure at MUSC. If another major infraction occurs the alleged offender is automatically disqualified from participating in any sports sanctioned, sponsored, and/or supplemented by MUSC-SGA.

Author: Aaron Embry of MUSC-SGA

Last Updated: April 13, 2006