students walking on campus

Meet Your SGA Reps

President: Joy Kirkpatrick
Programs VP: Keira Addison
Academic VP: Sarah Taylor
Communications VP: Hannah Henson
Service VP: Dhruv Chotalia
Diversity & Inclusion VP: Keturah Mingledolph

Representatives will be updated early Fall semester, or as they become elected.

College of Health Professions

Peyton Attaway
Jack Becker
Dacus Fenchel
Grace Howie
Julia Kimbrough
Amber Linnen
Alex McFadden
Kayla Pope
Michaela Ready
Mick Sugar
Vincent Tranchitella
Laura Welsch

College of Dental Medicine

Dhruv Chotalia
Joy Kirkpatrick
Ariel Kunde
Mackenzie Long
Anesa Stackhouse

College of Medicine

Keira Addison
George Book
Geoffrey Brown
John Craver
Katie Houle
Warren James
Sylvia Jang
Jeremy Moore
Namrata Paladugu
Megan Stover
Alysia Washington

College of Nursing

Peace Ajukwa
Chelsea Berry
Rachel Hanson
Kristen Moody
Brooke Schmidt
Waverly Walthall

College of Pharmacy

Allison Fabick
Harriet McGowan
Boone Seagle
Sarah Taylor
Melina Therrien

College of Graduate Studies

Conor Graham
Bradley Krisanits
Shannon Weber
Connor West

Multicultural Student Advisory Board

Kelly Nguyen

International Student Association

Nour Hijazi

Alliance for Equality

Caroline Osburn 

MUSC Asian Student Association

Tuong Nguyen

Black Student Union

Paige Austin

Alliance for disAbility Advocacy

Cam Callahan

Alliance for Hispanic Health

Catherine Shirer

MUSC Jewish Association

Michelle Offit

MUSC Muslim Student Association

Rumesha Momin