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2020 - 2021 SGA Executive Officer Candidates

Candidates for President

Joy Kirkpatrick

Joy KirkpatrickPersonal Statement: I have had the privilege to study in the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Pharmacy, and now the College of Dental Medicine. My personal journey provoked a passion for interprofessional education and has led me to run for SGA president. Over my last 6 years at MUSC, I have built a strong potential for leadership and am dedicated to leaving a mark during my final year. I feel confident that this determination will drive positive change in all 6 colleges of MUSC and all 5 committees of SGA. I pledge to dedicate myself to being your SGA president.

Platform Statement: With so many constant changes occurring on our campus, it is important that students’ voices are heard and that critical messages are being distributed in a timely, effective manner. A cornerstone to my leadership plan is to promote effective communication, collaboration and mutual respect among students between and within all colleges of MUSC. For a clear voice of the students to be appreciated, a motivated, passionate and organized leader is required. I intend to promote calibration of messages to limit the spread of misinformation and promote the accessibility of the messages that are intended to be spread. I believe it is important that students are aware of the tools and opportunities available to them to promote their success during and following their time at MUSC. This can only be accomplished through working together to deliver a clear and calibrated message between the students and administration. I pledge to abide by the SGA constitution and work to make those messages strong and meaningful.

Another initiative I would like to implement as SGA President is to enhance interprofessional education through the establishment of peer-to-peer learning and teaching opportunities. We all have a lot to learn from each other and MUSC is a perfect setting to gain respect for other professions and enable advancement of medicine. This program would enable students to take advantage of teaching opportunities on campus and would enable a better understanding of the critical role that all graduates of MUSC play in delivering quality patient care.


Candidates for Academics Vice President

Jeremy Moore

Jeremy MoorePersonal Statement: Having been a part of the SGA for the past year and being able to work with the executive members and other SGA reps to improve the experience of students on campus has given me some of the experience needed to fulfill the duties of Academic VP and serve to assist the president. With the major overhaul to the library coming, communication will be key between the Academic VP as a representative and the library. I have experience with that having volunteered at a library in high school and having worked for the Clemson University Library for 2 years.

Platform Statement: My first goal for my time as Academic Vice President would be to serve and assist the President of SGA and the Office of Student Programs and Student Diversity in maintaining the order and structure necessary to implement the financial budget, maintain productive Student Government meetings, and assisting the President with their duties in whatever form that takes. My second goal is to maintain a very open communication with the library during the time of construction and transition, to express student concerns and provide feedback both to and from the library. I hope to be able to improve the student experience with the library and make studying and study breaks as comfortable and effective as possible. My third goal is to serve and advocate for continued academic innovation that will lead to better healthcare workers and express any concerns that students might have with any of the systems that are set in place for their education.


Sarah Taylor

Sarah TaylorPersonal Statement: As a current SGA student representative from the College of Pharmacy, I have had the amazing opportunity to develop my experience serving MUSC at the university level. I am running for Academic VP because I would be honored to continue advocating for the programs and resources that promote an academic environment in which we can all be successful. As a representative, I have been heavily involved in SGA affairs, have attended all the meetings, and have immersed myself in the service and volunteering opportunities and events.

Platform Statement: Throughout my time at MUSC, I have involved myself in extensive interprofessional experiences within SGA, Presidential Scholars, and on MUSC’s team at an international global health case competition. I value collaborating with different health professional students, and have been fortunate to work with individuals from various degree programs to advance our goals.

My priority is to continue to advocate for a positive educational environment. This position serves as liaison to the library, and I plan to collaborate with the Communications VP and other members of the executive board to directly disseminate library and construction updates through various channels, including social media. I recognize the stress that most of us are under as a student body, and I am committed to leading the communication of this crucial issue and other pertinent academic matters as we navigate through this transitional period together. I have seen first-hand as a representative and as a student that the work of SGA and the Office of Student Programs and Student Diversity is fundamental in supporting our personal and professional success. I have also seen the benefit of having strong and dedicated leaders in these roles, and I am dedicated to work diligently and passionately on your behalf. I sincerely appreciate your consideration!


Candidate for Communications Vice President

Hannah Henson

Hannah Henson 

Personal Statement: For the past two years, MUSC has provided me with many unique experiences allowing me to grow on multiple levels. Out of all the exceptional opportunities offered through MUSC some of my favorite memories are a result from my interprofessional interactions while volunteering in clinics and the community, as well as being a part of the Presidential Scholars Program. I have greatly enjoyed my role as the College of Pharmacy SGA VP. This position has provided me with experience in communicating using various platforms. I also have learned particularly valuable lessons about what it takes to successfully head a committee.

Platform Statement: My passion for SGA comes from my strong belief that students are considerably the most important contributing factor to a university’s persona. As Communications VP I would devote my time to actively listening and encouraging the exchange of information and ideas between the six colleges to promote our diverse community. I plan to strengthen the university wide communication utilizing common resources such as MUSC SGA website and all social media platforms. This year, I aspire to assist the executive committee not only by upholding my defined roles, but to also build a stronger connection between each of the colleges. I think it is phenomenal that we are able to learn from experts in different disciplines and work with peers from varying backgrounds. I believe this position on SGA would allow me to take advantage of this significant time in all of our lives.


Candidate for Diversity and Inclusion Vice President

Keturah Mingledolph

Keturah Mingledolph 

Personal Statement: I am on the Diversity and Inclusion committee for the College of Pharmacy where I help plan events for COP that's aimed to the particular diverse group we are celebrating that month. I intend to work with all of the colleges to plan events that will encourage and welcome participation of everyone on campus. My goal is to create avenues that allow us to learn about the different cultures on our campus and in our patient population. I believe I'm the perfect person for this job because of my passion for diversity and leadership skills.

Platform Statement: I plan to work with the President and the Diversity Office for MUSC as well as each college to get student feedback about what they want to see from Diversity and Inclusion Office. I will expand on events and opportunities that are working well. I will also survey students to see if any group is felt left out and what can we do to include them permanently here at MUSC. I plan to meet with the presidents of each affinity group and work with them to increase participation and awareness of events and programs. I will be available, flexible, optimistic and determined.


Shayma Alzaidi

Shayma Alzaidi

Personal Statement: As an international student from Saudi Arabia I believe I can be an advocate for diversity and inclusion in our institution. I had a hand on experience in my previous job when I was a student activities coordinator.I had a minority group who were not participating in any activities. I personally supported them and gave them the chance to have their own activity .By doing that , they feel they are equal which is the true ! But they needed a leader , a support to show them how we respect diversity and appreciate them being in our community.

Platform Statement: I believe that we have diversity in our campus more than what we think . Our campus is enriched by the presence of individuals that differ from you in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, social economic status, religious affiliation, gender and ability.

I’m planning to support each diverse group by giving them the chance to teach us about this heritage, culture and personal history. By doing this we all will learn and appreciate their diversity more.

Also, I would like to be involved more with the diverse groups as a campus .We can start to share and celebrate their special celebrations .Which will has a big impact on our community.

Moreover, I would love to hear from our diverse groups about their special needs and be their voice in SGA . So we can address their needs as possible.I’m currently a Vice President of Muslim student association and as a Muslim student I would like to see a mosque in our campus for our Muslim students. Also , I would love to see our campus celebration our Eid.

Candidate for Programs Vice President

Keira Addison

Keira AddisonPersonal Statement: For 2 years, my class has entrusted me to serve as an SGA representative for the COM. During this time, I found joy in volunteering at the events sponsored by SGA. Outside of SGA, I serve on entities in the COM and just recently, I assisted in the establishment of the Black Student Union where I serve as a Co-President. Being active on campus and carrying the workload of a medical student, I have enhanced my time management and leadership capabilities. I am confident that with my experience thus far, I can handle the commitment needed for VP of Programs.

Platform Statement: If selected for VP of Programs, I hope to continue to assist Student Programs and Student Diversity in providing the MUSC experience at well-known events like Night At The Aquarium and Alhambra. I also hope to use the voice of the student body to create new, fresh experiences. Lastly, Charleston has so many opportunities for cultural emersion. I hope to bring more opportunities to uncover and take advantage of the diversity the city has to offer. VP of Programs takes someone who is creative, dedicated and an ultimate team player to continue to provide unique, quality events for everyone. With that, I would love the support from you all. Thank you.


Candidates for Service Vice President

Dhruv Chotalia

Dhruv ChotaliaPersonal Statement: Establishing “Be the Change,” an organization focused on providing preventative health education to children in an after-school setting, at Temple University was the most rewarding role for me thus far. With no precedence for such an organization, I learned while trying different methods. First, I garnered support, then filed 501c paperwork to gain “non-profit” status for donations to get us up and running. Concurrently, worked on establishing partnerships with title 1 schools and made tentative study plans. Did it work on the first try? No. But, I did not give up. If elected, that is my promise to you.

Platform Statement: “In the joy of others, lies our own.” When we give back, we feel better and do better. This is important in healthcare as our well-being correlates to the quality of care we provide to our patients. We all have the urge to serve, but often times, obstacles stand in our way. As a student, I understand that we work around the ever-changing academic schedule set for us. Luckily for us, there are a vast amount of partnerships in place already due to our leadership. All we need now is interest and logistics to make the event a reality. My goal is to help you overcome those various obstacles and make service events more accessible. If you have a specific service event in mind or have an idea for a new partnership, reach out and let’s talk about it! I want to serve you, so that together, we can better serve our community.


Hillary Reeves

Hillary Reeves Personal Statement: Throughout my life, I have continuously been an advocate for community service. Specific circumstances have rooted in me the importance of serving and I will always make a commitment to support my community. My intent is to serve as the communication link between different service organizations and the students at MUSC, creating a pathway for students to effortlessly find ways to serve. I have worn many leadership hats, allowing me to grow comfortably as a leader. Through my numerous hours of service in the past and with MUSC, I am confident in my capability of influencing others to serve.

Platform Statement: I plan to create an inviting atmosphere where serving others is enjoyable. I also plan to make community service opportunities accessible and easy for students to find. Bringing light to the numerous types of ways to serve is what I will make a part of my platform. Many people are unaware of ways they can serve and how even the smallest, simplest act of kindness can mean the world for someone. Upon doing research, I will reach out to different programs, schools and nonprofit organizations and create relationships between those organizations and MUSC. This will make for an effortless way to connect students with community service opportunities. Recently, I have gained an interest in service learning and the opportunities it can provide for students here at MUSC. Being that this is a medical institution, a common goal that we all share as students is to provide optimal health care to patients. Service-learning is a great opportunity for students to apply their academic skills and knowledge to tack the real-life needs of our community. This can be done in homeless shelters, free clinics and schools. Services can include blood glucose/blood pressure checks, height and weight and even nutrition screenings. My previous experience serving at One80 Place was extremely eye opening and allowed me to experience using my studies in a different setting. Lastly, I hope to work more closely with Susannah McFaul as I enjoyed my interactions with her during Community Service Saturdays and her enthusiasm with creating more service opportunities.


Melina Therrien

Melina Therrien 

Personal Statement: Volunteering is something that I would like to devote my attention to as I continue in my professional program. Being able to take time out of a day and provide a service to those in need, in any way, is important when being part of a community. Currently, I am on the service committee in SGA and have attended almost every Student Service Saturday. With this experience, I believe that I will be able to continue the great service that MUSC and SGA provides along with future unique service opportunities.

Platform Statement: This year is my first year at MUSC and my first year to be part of SGA. I felt honored when my class elected me to be their representative for MUSC. As a representative, I have been able to form better communication within my class. Ultimately, I want that communication to be spread throughout the university. MUSC is known for their strength in interprofessionalism, which is a skill I want to develop between now and graduation. In the Charleston area alone, there are so many opportunities for volunteering, even just in a 5 mile radius of campus! That alone provides convenience for students who may not have transportation, but want to still volunteer in the community. As a leader, it is very important to communicate and be open to ideas. Service is something that needs to have ideas constantly coming in so that students can dedicate some of their time outside of the classroom and be passionate about it. I believe I will be able to bring every SGA needs and more to the table as the VP of Service.


Donna Williams

Donna Williams Personal Statement: For the past seven years, I have humbly served as Director of Outreach and Missions at my house of worship. My responsibilities include coordinating community outreach activities, fostering partnerships with other organizations committed to service and informing congregants of existing volunteer opportunities within our local community and across state lines.As Vice President of Service, I would build upon and cultivate new relationships to continue MUSC's legacy of Giving Back. Therefore, I intend to collaborate with a group of future health care professionals to develop a joint service project which is meaningful to them and uplifts the community.

Platform Statement: “Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” This quote by Dr. King has become my mantra in my daily quest to serve others.

My name is Donna Lee Williams and I would like to be your next SGA Student VP of Service. I am a second year DNP student. At MUSC I have served for two years on the MUSC Honor Council and the MUSC Gospel Choir. Additionally, I was requested to sit on a College of Nursing panel introducing prospective students to the College.

I desire to serve all students of MUSC, for though we are six colleges, we are one Medical University of South Carolina. To improve our student experience, I will create an all college service project to unify the student body and touch lives throughout our state. This is done by focusing not on our discipline specific differences, but rather on our unified goal of preserving and optimizing human life in South Carolina. I humbly solicit your vote to continue MUSC’s legacy of service.