MUSC Student Complaint Form & Log

Appendix A

The student is encouraged to address his/her concerns at the earliest possible time and on an informal basis with the program or individual involved. To file a formal complaint, complete the MUSC Student Complaint Form. Please type or print legibly. You must sign the form. Submit college-related complaints to your college. Submit complaints regarding all other university services to the Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life. MUSC expects you to remain engaged in the review process. You may file a written complaint without fear of retaliation unless the complaint is filed without basis or with the intent to harm a member of the MUSC community. You may withdraw your complaint in writing at any time. The University or college may use the information you provide to contact you.

Appendix B

The MUSC Formal Complaint Monitoring Log represents a summary of formal complaints filed with the University or college. All information should be de-identified. Each college and the University are required to submit this log to the Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life by October 1 of each year (even in the event no formal complaints were filed). The University and each college will maintain a separate confidential file for each complaint, documenting the process and resolution.