Master of Health Administration

Zahi Jurdi, D.H.A., Division Director.

Healthcare facilities are increasingly complex to manage due to a number of factors: increased governmental regulation, demand for accountability, advances in healthcare technology, the changing demographics of the country, and the variety of reimbursement systems. There is a pressing need for qualified healthcare administrators to plan, organize, direct, and control their organization's resources. Career opportunities abound for capable, highly skilled individuals. To help meet this need, the Master in Health Administration program in the College of Health Professions offers the MHA degree in two formats: one is a full-time traditional day program (residential format) and one is an executive format, which includes blended courses which have on-campus classes over an extended weekend three times per year, with online delivery of remaining course content.

Residential MHA

The Residential MHA Program prepares students who have limited knowledge of Health care with the required knowledge and skills to enter and ultimately advance in health care management positions. Concepts presented in class are reinforced and applied in practice settings throughout the students’ program of study. Students take classes during the day as full-time students. Upon completion of program requirements, they are prepared to compete for administrative fellowships or employment.

Executive MHA

The Executive MHA program develops working health care professionals by providing the needed knowledge and skills for advancement in the health care industry. Classes are delivered online with on-campus visits one weekend each semester. Students may attend part-time, full-time, or in a part-time/full-time hybrid format. Each format is year-round and requires 54 credit hours.

Part-Time Format

The part-time program begins in the summer semester each year. Students complete two classes each semester for nine semesters. Applications close on April 15 and classes start in May.

Full-Time Format

The full-time program begins in the summer semester year. Students complete three classes each semester for six semesters. Applications close on April 15 and classes start in May.

Hybrid Format

The hybrid format begins in the fall semester each year. The schedule varies between a part-time and full-time format for the duration of the program. Students take two classes per semester in the fall and spring, and three classes in the summer, for eight semesters. Applications close July 15 and classes start in August.

Accelerated Tracks Physician/Doctoral-Prepared Clinician Advanced Standing Track

This accelerated track is for physicians or individuals who have earned a clinical doctorate or a terminal degree in their field. In recognition of the training they have completed, the program is reduced to 45 credit hours instead of the traditional 54. The program begins in the fall semester, and students may attend part-time or full-time. Applications close on July 15, and classes start in August.

BS in Healthcare Studies Accelerated Track

This accelerated track is available only to individuals who have completed the online BS in Healthcare Studies Accelerated EMHA Pathway program. Students are eligible to have those courses waived in the EMHA program by completing five graduate-level classes during their course of study in the bachelor's program. The program is offered full-time and begins in the spring semester each year. Students complete three classes each semester for four semesters for a total of 45 credit hours. Applications close on December 1, and classes start in January.


The Master of Health Administration program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).