MD/PHD Medical Scientist Training


This combined degree program is designed for outstanding students who wish to become physician scientists and pursue research careers in an academic environment. The curriculum typically is completed in seven to eight years. Stipends of $30,500 per year, paid health insurance and tuition paid by a Dean's Scholarship are also provided for MSTP (MD/PhD) students. More information can be found at the College of Graduate Studies website.


We are particularly interested in why you want to come to MUSC for the MSTP and what research you would like to pursue in graduate school. The committee takes a holistic approach in the evaluation of the GPA and MCAT scores are a large factor in obtaining an interview, at which point we are looking for the other traits essential to becoming great physicians. These include: 

• Evidence of serious and enthusiastic commitment to the program

• Grade point average of 3.5

• Superior performance on the MCAT, 80th percentile or higher (taken within 3 years from date of matriculation, July 1)

• Receipt of a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation into the program

• Record of advanced courses in the physical and/or biological sciences

• Demonstrable evidence of a commitment to research

• Outstanding recommendations from faculty at the applicant's undergraduate institution and research mentor(s)

Application Process

  • Application to the MSTP at MUSC involves the completion of the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) On-Line Application and a supplemental application. 
  • Instruct AMCAS to forward your AMCAS application to MUSC. You must select the MD/PhD Program type on your application. This application will permit you to submit essays describing your interest in the combined MD/PhD program.
  • You should submit three to five letters of recommendation. These letters should come from previous or current research mentors, instructors, physicians or employers. References should come from individuals who know you well enough to comment on your education and research potential. We also will accept a committee packet with three separate letters from your college pre-med advisory committee. Non-traditional students who have been away from college for a number of years can substitute an employer for one of the faculty letters. All letters should be submitted through AMCAS. We do not accept paper recommendations.
  • For the supplemental application to the program, we want to know why you want to come to MUSC for the MSTP and what research you want to pursue in graduate school. Your MSTP application will serve as the secondary application for both the Doctor of Medicine program and for the MSTP. No additional application is required to be considered for both programs. However, if you would like to also be considered for the MD only program, you must notify us of this intention.

Use of Marijuana and/or CBD Products

Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug and is illegal to purchase in South Carolina. Apart from a narrow and limited scope of codified/documented medical exceptions, it is illegal for individuals to use marijuana/tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  in South Carolina. Although cannabidiol (CBD) products may be purchased and used in South Carolina, please be aware that CBD products may contain higher levels of THC than represented on packaging and use of CBD products can result in a positive drug screen for THC/marijuana.  Be aware that current drug testing methods cannot accurately ascertain the origins of THC metabolites (i.e., whether from marijuana or CBD products). Your academic program has the authority to conduct random and/or scheduled drug testing; if your test result is reported as positive for THC metabolites (even if you only used a CBD product), your ability to be accepted into the program, progress in the program, and/or successfully complete the program may be negatively impacted.  

Application Deadlines

Start Term Application Type Available Deadline
Fall 2022 Regular July 1, 2021 Nov 1, 2021