Doctor of Dental Medicine


A course of didactic and clinical study leading to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. For detailed information about the College of Dental Medicine, go to the Bulletin (academic catalog) or the College of Dental Medicine.


1.     Prerequisites

Subject Semester Hours
 General Chemistry
 Organic Chemistry
 Biology or Zoology 8

Science Electives
(Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics, etc.)

 All prerequisite coursework must be taken at a regionally accredited US institution. Courses not to exceed 60 semester hours can be taken at a community or technical college or online. All prerequisite coursework must be completed by matriculation in June. All science courses should be taken with the corresponding labs.

 2.     ADEA AADSAS application

 The following materials must be submitted through ADEA AADSAS. You do not need to have anything sent directly to MUSC.

  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended

Strong preference is given to applicants who have, or will have                            completed, four years of college coursework and have earned a                          bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited US institution prior to                      matriculation. In extremely rare circumstances a minimum of three                        years of exemplary college work, including an exceptional science GPA              and DAT scores, may be considered.

  • Official DAT scores

Official US DAT scores must be less than five years old. Canadian                      DAT scores are not accepted. It is recommended that you take the                      DAT early to allow ample time for official scores to be received or                        retesting if necessary. 

  • Letters of Recommendation

   A minimum of three individual letters of recommendation or one                confidential committee letter are required. It is recommended that            letters of recommendation come from those most familiar with the            applicant (i.e. faculty member, dentist, leader or mentor in volunteer        organization, etc.)

3.     Supplemental MUSC application

 *Please note that both applications are required before the application will be marked complete and reviewed by the admissions committee.

*Applicants that have applied in previous years must submit new AADSAS and MUSC applications and should update all application materials for each new admissions cycle.

 Application Process

Applicants must complete the AADSAS application and the MUSC Supplemental Application before application materials will be reviewed and the applicant will be considered for an interview. For detailed information about admissions and the application process, please go to the Dental Medicine admissions webpage.

If you are interested in applying to the Dental Medicine Scientist Training Program (DMD/PhD), more information may be found here.

Application Deadlines

Start Term Application Type Available Deadline
Summer 2021 Regular July 1, 2020 Dec 15, 2020