Maralynne D. Mitcham Interprofessional Fellowship

The purpose of the Maralynne D. Mitcham Interprofessional Fellowship is to foster the development of leaders in the area of interprofessional education, research, practice and/or administration throughout the MUSC enterprise. The Interprofessional Fellowship program seeks to support the advancement of selected Fellows’ understanding and leadership of and advocacy for interprofessional teamwork and/or collaborative practice through identified professional development that culminates in an applied project. Professional development may include conference attendance, certification, or coursework. The fellows’ learning will inform a project or initiative that demonstrates the development in leadership abilities in the area of interprofessional education or collaborative practice. The project must represent an enhancement, improvement, or new opportunity for interprofessional teamwork or collaborative practice in a selected area. Fellows will have the opportunity to revise project goals based on learning during the fellowship timeframe.

The fellowship will fund up to two individuals (faculty or staff) selected via an application process and approved by their respective supervisor to fill an 18-month role. Selected individuals will receive sponsorship of $5000 to achieve fellowship goals.

In addition to project goals, fellows will be expected to support existing interprofessional education efforts through facilitating interprofessional education coursework and Interprofessional Day provided by the Office of Interprofessional Initiatives.

Example of past projects have included:

  • Development of interprofessional coursework, co-curricular experiences, or embedded modules for MUSC students.
  • Development of clinical rotations/experiences for MUSC students.
  • Creation of training or post-professional development programs for healthcare workers, faculty members, and staff.
  • Construction of new teams, structures, or processes to enhance quality improvement, service delivery, etc.
  • Development of new/enhanced interprofessional approaches to patient care, treatment, or management.

Proposed projects do not need to be limited to the above.


Call released: April 19, 2024

Deadline for applications: June 7, 2024

Award and project start: July 1, 2024

Midterm report: May 2025

Final report/presentation: December 2025

Application Requirements

  1. Letter of intent that includes:
    • Statement of why the Fellowship is of professional interest to the applicant; (200-word max)
    • Statement of overarching goals, desired learning outcomes, and need for enhanced leadership (200-word max)
    • Description of project/initiative including purpose and goals, intended audience, resources required, and short-term and long-term benefits (300-word max)
    • Budget
    • Statement of how the applicant will continue advocacy/interest in interprofessional education and collaborative practice after fellowship completion, to include scholarship productivity if applicable (200-word max)
  2. Two letters of support: one from the immediate supervisor, and one from a peer who can speak to the applicant’s potential and capacity for developing interprofessional work.
  3. Curriculum Vitae

The above should be compiled into one PDF file and emailed to Sarah Velasco.

Past Recipients and Projects

Past Maralynne D. Mitchum IP Fellowship recipients and projects