Education Innovation

MUSC faculty are seeking out the next significant, positive change that will impact the next generation.

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Education Innovation

Student Innovation Contest

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A contest for students where the University Education Infrastructure Committee (UEIC) works with the SGA to involve students in sharing their ideas about what learning technology they would like to have in their courses.

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Your Ideas are Worth Money!

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The Education Innovation Cabinet will be seeking out innovative educational approaches, techniques, and programs to provide one time funding to pilot or further evaluate. For more information contact Gigi Smith.

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2022-23 Education Innovation Funding Timeline

MUSC Education Innovation funding timeline

 In education today being innovative can look like so many different things and come in so many different forms. I believe innovation in education is when we seek to find ways to push education forward in positive new directions Inda Humes quote

Faculty Education Innovation Advocates

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Faculty Innovation Fellowship

In collaboration with the Provost and the Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Student Life, the Office of Innovation is recruiting faculty to participate in the inaugural Faculty Innovation Fellows program. The purpose of the program is to incentivize innovations in teaching that advance MUSC towards its strategic goals.

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Question Innovation

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Three activities to spark creativity in ideation this month: 1) 3 minutes to draw as many ideas in 30 circles as possible. 2) 5 minutes to turn random squiggles into birds. 3) 3 minutes to come up with as many alternate uses as possible for an item.

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Watch Innovation

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The Learning Curve Podcast

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As part of MUSC’s mission to expand ideas and strategies around innovative education, The Learning Curve is a new podcast series featuring individuals who support these efforts. During these episodes, we’ll focus on our featured guests' career paths to education, what motivates and inspires them to be great instructors, how they are supporting students and contemporary topics in teaching and learning.

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Learn Innovation

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Hosted in Endeavor, the Digital Health Online course is open to all faculty and staff. As the world of healthcare becomes more digitized, and with an increasing number of digital technologies showing real promise in the field, it is becoming even more important to empower our current and next generation of healthcare professionals with foundational concepts related to evaluating and integrating digital health solutions. The course will begin on is available now, and the opportunity to earn a half hour (0.5) of Diversity and Inclusion credit is available.

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Tools for Innovation

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Microsoft Teams meetings allow you to present in Standout, Side-by-side, or Reporter to create better visual cues for the audience. Instead of simply sharing a screen, you become a more engaging and integral part of your presentation.

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