Education Innovation

MUSC faculty are seeking out the next significant, positive change that will impact the next generation.

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Kickstart Education Innovation

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Your Ideas are Worth Money!

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The Education Innovation Cabinet will be seeking out innovative educational approaches, techniques, and programs to provide one time funding to pilot or further evaluate. For more information contact Gigi Smith.

Teach Innovation

Innovation in education encourages faculty and students to explore, research, and use tools and technology to discover something new. Here are three ways you can encourage innovation and creativity in your classroom for yourself and your students:

  • Ask open-ended questions. Provide an environment for students to share various answers and points of view. Student answers can lead to strong collaboration, exciting conversations, new ideas, as well as encourage leadership skills.
  • Use problem-finding. Encourage students to look at the world by seeking out what might be missing or should be added to something important. This provides students with the opportunity to think deeply, ask critical questions and apply creative ways to solve problems.
  • Create flexible learning environments. Learning spaces go beyond the physical classroom. Create learning environments that are fluid and provide flexibility to support one-to-one learning, collaboration, independent thinking, and group discussions.

2021 Education Innovation Funding Timeline

MUSC Education Innovation funding timeline

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Faculty Innovation Fellowship

In collaboration with the Provost and the Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Student Life, the Office of Innovation is recruiting faculty to participate in the inaugural Faculty Innovation Fellows program. The purpose of the program is to incentivize innovations in teaching that advance MUSC towards its strategic goals.

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Question Innovation

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Three questions to spark education innovation this month: 1) What would happen if we did the exact opposite? 2) How can we use technology to shape our teaching? 3) How can we re-imagine the tools we are currently using?

 In education today being innovative can look like so many different things and come in so many different forms. I believe innovation in education is when we seek to find ways to push education forward in positive new directions Inda Humes quote

Watch Innovation

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Listen to the MUSC students have a rich discussion on what the best instructors do more of than the average instructor.

Tools for Innovation

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