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Dieter Haemmerich PhD, DSc

Dieter Georg Haemmerich PhD, DSc

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  • Professor
  • College of Medicine
  • Pediatrics
Academic Focus
  • Cardiac Catheter Ablation
  • Tumor Ablation
  • Heat Transfer
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Office Location


Education & Training:


Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 1998, M.S. in Electrical & Comp. Eng.
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2000, M.S. in Biomedical Eng.
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2001, Ph.D. in Biomedical Eng.
Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 2003, Dr. Sci. in Electrical & Comp. Eng.

Research Interests:


I am a bioengineer with expertise in the research on image-guided therapies for cancer and cardiac arrhythmia treatment. Specifically, my areas of expertise include:

image-guided interventions;

heat-activated drug delivery;

computational modeling (thermal therapies; drug delivery);

thermal tumor ablation (radiofrequency ablation; microwave ablation; focused ultrasound);

cardiac catheter ablation (radiofrequency ablation; cryo ablation);

tissue characterization (dielectric and thermal tissue properties).

Related to these fields, I have expertise in ex vivo tissue studies, in vivo studies (rodents and large animals, including porcine and canine models) of thermal therapies and liposomal drug delivery, in development of novel therapeutic devices and experimental instrumentation, in vivo imaging and image processing, and computational modeling.

Highlight Publications:


1. Motamarry A, Wolfe MA, Pattanaik S, Ramajayam KK, Benton T, Peterson Y, Faridi P, Prakash P, Twombley K, Haemmerich D, “Extracorporeal removal of thermosensitive liposomal doxorubicin from systemic circulation after tumor delivery to reduce toxicities”, Cancers, 14:1322, 2022. PMID: 35267630.


2. ten Hagen TLM, Dreher MR, Zalba S, Seynhaeve ALB, Amin M, Li L, Haemmerich D, “Drug transport kinetics of intravascular triggered drug delivery systems”, Comm Biol, 4:920, 2021. PMID: 34321602.


3. Ramajayam KK, Newton DA, Haemmerich D, “Selecting ideal drugs for encapsulation in thermosensitive liposomes and other triggered nanoparticles”, Int J Hyperthermia, 39:998-1009, 2022. PMID: 35876089.


4. Morley GE, Bernstein SA, Kuznekoff L, Saul JP, Haemmerich D (2019), “Permanent and transient electrophysiological effects during cardiac cryoablation documented by optical activation mapping and thermal imaging”, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 66:1844-51, PMID: 30418875


5. Rossmann C, McCrackin MA, Armeson KE, Haemmerich D (2017), Temperature sensitive liposomes combined with thermal ablation: Effects of duration and timing of heating in mathematical models and in vivo., PLoS One, 12(6):e0179131, PMID: 28604815


6. Bredlau AL, Motamarry A, Chen C, McCrackin MA, Helke K, Armeson KE, Bynum K, Broome AM, Haemmerich D (2018), Localized delivery of therapeutic doxorubicin dose across the canine blood-brain barrier with hyperthermia and temperature sensitive liposomes, Drug Delivery, 25:973-84, PMID: 29688083


7. Haemmerich D and Motamarry A (2018), Thermosensitive Liposomes for Image-Guided drug Delivery, Adv Cancer Res, 139:121-46, PMID: 29941102


8. Motamarry A, Negussie AH, Rossmann C, Small J, Wolfe AM, Wood BJ, Haemmerich D (2018), Real-time fluorescence imaging for visualization and drug uptake prediction during drug delivery by thermosensitive liposomes”, Int J Hyperthermia, 36:817-826, PMID: 31451077


9. Gasselhuber A, Dreher MR, Rattay F, Wood BJ, Haemmerich D (2012), Comparison of conventional chemotherapy, stealth liposomes and temperature-sensitive liposomes in a mathematical model, PLoS ONE, 7:e47453, 2012, PMID: 23082168


10. Haemmerich D, Schutt DJ (2011), Radiofrequency ablation at low frequencies for targeted tumor heating: in-vitro and computational modeling results, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 58:404-410, PMID: 20934940



Highlight Patents:


Haemmerich D., Motamarray A., “Kinetic targeting of intravascular triggered drug delivery systems”, Patent pending, Pat.Nr. 11511028, 2022.


Lee Jr. F.T., Haemmerich D., Webster J.G., Wright A.S., Johnson C.D., Mahvi D.M., “Radio-frequency ablation system using multiple electrodes”, Pat.Nr. 8,486,065: 2013. Patent also granted in Japan (Pat.Nr. 4303590: 2010) Patent licensed exclusively to Medtronic. Device is commercially available and in clinical use since 2004.