December 2023 Dean's Message

Zoher F. Kapasi
December 14, 2023
Dean Zoher Kapasi standing behind a clear podium at the CHP-D groundbreaking event.
Dean Zoher Kapasi delivers remarks at the College of Health Professions D Building Groundbreaking ceremony on Dec. 1, 2023.

Dear alumni and friends,

The College of Health Professions D Building Groundbreaking has been at least four years in the making to accommodate the college's rapid growth. Over the last five years, we have seen a 37% increase in students, and we will continue to grow in support of our vision to improve the health of the citizens of South Carolina and beyond by training the next generation of health professionals, scientists and leaders.

This new building represents a significant investment in our students, our faculty, our staff and our community.

It will provide a state-of-the-art learning environment with cutting-edge technology and modern facilities to empower our students to reach their full potential. It will serve as a hub for collaboration and innovation, fostering a spirit of intellectual curiosity and cross-disciplinary exploration.

As we commence this construction, we gratefully recognize the individuals who have made this day possible:

  • Our esteemed faculty, who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the nurturing of young minds.
  • Our dedicated staff, who tirelessly support our students and our faculty, and who uphold the values of our institution.
  • Our alumni and students, who have entrusted us with their education and are making an impact in their communities.
  • Our talented architects from SMHa and Clark Nexsen, and the skilled construction team of Rodgers Thompson Turner, who continue to collaborate on this meaningful endeavor.
  • And our generous donors, whose unwavering belief in the power of education and discovery has made this project a reality.

Speaking of generous donors, we are incredibly honored to recognize Tina and Ricky Doscher and publicly announce their transformational gift of $10 million. Their extraordinary gift is made up of current funding combined with future gifts from their charitable estate plan.

The Doschers’ gift is the largest, one-time gift commitment in the history of the College of Health Professions and their philanthropy is the cornerstone of this new building.

In 2010, Tina was diagnosed with a rare spinal arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a condition that causes significant disability and can permanently damage the spinal cord. Tina and her loving, caring husband, Ricky, had to bravely navigate this new world. However, Tina went from being unable to move to walking with a cane in only one year.

In 2013, Tina began her role as a research participant in multiple studies conducted at the college’s Center of Rehabilitation Research in Neurological Conditions. Tina credits these new, innovative and resourceful techniques for her continuing progress today.

Tina and Ricky’s generous support encompasses current funding, which will allow us to name the new lobby in the future building in their honor as a tribute to their amazing dedication to the College of Health Professions. Their gift is designated to the dean's discretionary fund, our research labs and the MUSC Neurological Exercise & Training (NExT) Wellness Center.

We hope their story inspires others to join our collective efforts to ensure the continued excellence in education, research and practice we provide in MUSC’s College of Health Professions.

Also, I want to thank our leadership, President David Cole and Provost Lisa Saladin, the MUSC Board of Trustees, and our state government, who have supported this project with their time, talents and resources.

We have also been fortunate to receive funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to create the Clinical Research Center for Restoration of Neural-Based Function in the Real World. This center will support statewide research to advance care for those patients who have experienced a stroke or other neurological condition.

Thank you for your support of this new chapter in the history of the College of Health Professions. We are not just building a structure. Together, we are shaping a brighter future, one where knowledge flourishes and innovation thrives, to preserve and optimize human life in South Carolina and beyond.