Office of Enrollment Management

Debt Resources

Understanding debt and how to manage it can be overwhelming.  These resources can help you better understand the type of debt you have and how to manage it.


Examine types of loans.

Explore various types of loans, average interest rates, and more. 

Student Loans

Explore types of student loans.

Learn to define different student loans and how they work. 

Explore loan repayment.

Look at different methods of loan repayment to understand your options. 

Examine a loan repayment timeline.

Ramsey Solutions uses a student loan calculator to estimate your payoff date.

Simulate loan repayment. 

An online tool which helps you determine your best loan repayment strategy, options for repayment and provides a loan simulator to estimate the overall effects of borrowing more money based on your cost of attendance and projected income.

Complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment module to understand loan obligations before receiving funding. 

Borrowers can complete this module annually to acknowledge their understanding of loan obligations before receiving funding.

Estimate your Federal Student Aid. 

An abbreviated version of the FAFSA which provides an early-estimate of federals student aid eligibility.

Examine resources for financial aid and student loan management through AAMC's FIRST. 

An online tool which provides students useful handouts, videos and other resources regarding financial aid and student loan management.

Complete required entrance counseling for all first time Direct Loan Borrowers outlining your loan responsibilities and obligations. 

Complete required exit counseling for all Federal Student Loan borrowers who are graduating or enrolled less than half-time or leaving MUSC to prepare you to repay your federal student loan(s).

Complete required plus loan credit counseling for all Direct Plus Loan Borrowers who have been informed that they have an adverse credit history and are approved for the loan based on successful appeal or with an endorser without adverse credit history. 

Explore financial resources and financial aid resources for students in dental education programs. 

National Student Loan Data System

Federal database which lists your federal student loan and aid history with contact information for your assigned federal student loan servicer. 


Calculators can help determine total costs of a loan and help you make an informed decision about taking on more debt. 

Calculate APR using an online calculator.

Calculate a mortgage payment.

Calculate a personal loan.

Calculate AAMC/ADEA Dental Loan Organizer and Calculator.

Calculate credit card payoff.