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Multifaith Meditation & Prayer Room

MUSC Quad - Building F
280 Calhoun Street, next to Baruch Auditorium
Q/F 213D (capacity 4)
Q/F 213C (capacity 7)

Purpose: To provide a non-faith-based area that allows students, staff, and faculty to meditate and/or pray within the occupancy allowance per the Charleston Fire Department.

Rules about using the room:

  1. Keep the room clean and tidy.
  2. No food or drink.
  3. The capacity for each room is listed and must be followed by the             Charleston Fire Department.
  4. This room is for meditation/prayer only and not for activities like yoga, dance, sleeping, listening to music, studying, or similar activities that are not meditation/prayer.
  5. Housekeeping will be in the rooms at various times to empty garbage and check on the room.

    How To Schedule: Multifaith Meditation/Prayer Spaces
    Step 1: Go to!/home/availability
    Step 2: Go to the Dropdown menu and select Multifaith Meditation/Prayer.
    Step 3: Select space, find an open time, and date and fill out the online form.

    For questions or issues, please email:

MUSC Wellness Center

The MUSC Wellness Center promotes healthy lifestyles for all seasons of life. Drawing from MUSC's many health care experts, the Wellness Center provides evidence-based safe and effective fitness programs to support a culture of wellness for MUSC students, faculty, staff, and the Charleston community.

Fitness Facilities:

  • 80,000 square feet of wellness opportunities with over 70 group exercise classes included
  • New rooftop fitness deck: functional training, outdoor tennis, basketball, and pickleball
  • Indoor Jr. Olympic swimming pool and court sports: racquetball and squash
  • Indoor/outdoor running tracks, and locker area with sauna and steam
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium, group cycle studio, two Group X studios, boxing studio, yoga, pilates, and barre studio
  • Cardio arena with more than 100 pieces of cardiovascular equipment and large free weight area
  • Personal training, disease management programs, and nutritional counseling

The MUSC Wellness Center also offers many fee-based programs which include personal training, InBody570, nutritional counseling, the Healthy Charleston Challenge, MUSC Boot Camp, and boxing programs. Many of these programs are offered to students at a discount rate.

Intramural Sports

The MUSC Wellness Center sponsors a five-sport intramural program including flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, and basketball (winter and summer). Competitive and co-rec leagues are offered in each sport. Eligible participants include MUSC students and their spouses, faculty and staff as well as Wellness Center members.

Student-Focused Wellness Programs

In addition to providing our students a first-class fitness and recreational facility, the MUSC Wellness Center offers all students unique opportunities to enhance their well-being and personal and professional development. This is achieved through programs designed to assess and reflect on current habits, and acquire and refine techniques that can impact academic performance, physical well-being and psychosocial health. Student wellness programs include the following opportunities:

  • Imagine U: Student Wellness Program
  • ACSM Exercise is Medicine on campus at MUSC
  • Working Out Wellness Lecture Series
  • Student Wellness Advisory Group

Center for Academic Excellence and Writing Center

Writing, learning, and teaching are essential to providing effective care and discovering new ways to improve health. The Center for Academics Excellence (CAE) and the Writing Center (WC) are central to MUSC's goal of ensuring that all students communicate clearly, learn efficiently and creatively, and benefit from master teachers.

All About You

Schedule hour-long, individual appointments with a CAE/WC faculty member to

  • Discover new study techniques to become an even more effective and efficient student.
  • Learn a new way to master multiple-choice tests.
  • Figure out how you learn best.
  • Learn to manage what little available time you have.
  • Practice interviewing for your next position.

Sign up for Supplemental Instructions (SI) - a fancy way to say, "tutoring" and a hybrid of the program you may have used in college. Register to study with a small group of students, led by a student who had the material last year. If you have a strong background in a difficult course or block, we will hire (pay) you to lead a group. For your CV, you can list "teaching" if you become an SI.

Write to Impress

Visit the Writing Center for writing consultation and review of papers, scholarship applications, CV, resumes, cover letters, grant writing, and personal statements.

Appointments for all services can be made at

Office of Humanities

Health Humanities Courses

Students have the option to enroll in elective courses to promote communication and critical thinking skills and develop habits of life-long learning and self-care.

SHARE Grants and Scholars

Students, staff, and faculty can receive grant funding to pursue scholarship or research with a focus on arts, humanities, and health.

Humanitas: Journal of Literature and the Arts

Students serve on the editorial board, and all MUSC students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to submit their paintings, drawings, photography, prose, poetry, and music for publication.

MUSC Reads

Students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to participate in an annual common reading experience with others from across MUSC.

Humanities Educators

By request, humanities faculty will assist with the development of MUSC course content to foster compassion, critical thinking, and patient and family-centered values.

Office of Interprofessional Initiatives

The Office of Interprofessional Initiatives is responsible for creating opportunities and implementing programs to improve patient health and clinical outcomes, reduce excess health care costs, enrich educational experiences, and enhance research collaboration.

The Office aims to integrate students and professionals across colleges with the goal of improving satisfaction, efficiency, profitability, value, innovation, marketability, and scientific rigor in all educational, clinical, and research activities.

Engage with the Office of Interprofessional Initiatives

Interprofessional (IP) Initiatives Student Organizations:

  • Student Interprofessional Society
  • American College of Medical Quality
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Co-Curricular Engagement:

  • The Clarion Competition - An interprofessional case study competition.
  • Presidential Scholars - Students from a variety of disciplines explore complex social, political, and human issues related to health care and research.
  • Interprofessional Education Fellowship - Students enhance their interprofessional leadership and collaboration through advanced activities, observations, course work, and earning the Fellow designation.

Curricular Engagement:

  • IP 711, IP Foundations, TeamSTEPPS and Concentration Courses
  • IP Elective Courses
  • IP Research Day (Fall Semester)
  • Interprofessional Day (Spring Semester)

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides confidential, evidence-based mental health services for students to facilitate good academic performance, enhance personal growth, and help students develop effective coping strategies.

CAPS physicians are also available for medication management (excluding medications for ADHD).

Common Concerns

CAPS provides help to students whose concerns range from normal, social, or developmental issues to serious mental health problems. Students seek assistance for numerous common issues including crisis management support (e.g., a broken relationship, death of a loved one, legal problems), poor academic performance, poor self-confidence, depression, stress and anxiety, and sexual concerns/sexual identity.

CAPS Appointments

CAPS is open from 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday by appointment. Please call the CAPS office at 843-792-4930 to schedule your first appointment. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled through LifeNet.

In case of an emergency before 8:00AM/after 5:00PM on weekdays, or on all weekends and holidays, call the MUSC paging operator at 843-792-2123 and ask to speak with the Senior Psychiatry Resident on-call, or go to the nearest emergency room.


CAPS staff follow the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) and adhere to the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and the International Association of Counseling Services. Information regarding a student will only be released to persons outside of CAPS with the student's written consent, or unless legally mandated (e.g., a court order) or if there is a clear indication of imminent physical danger to self or others. CAPS utilizes an electric medical record system, which is separate from the MUSC records system.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is devoted entirely to providing quality health care to the students at MUSC. Services include outpatient treatment for acute and chronic medical illnesses, women's health, contraception, preventative health care, travel medicine, and health education.

There are no charges for clinical visits to Student Health, regardless of your insurance plan. All MUSC students are required to carry health insurance, which may be necessary to cover expenses for care beyond what can be offered at Student Health (cost of labs, imaging studies, specialty referrals, etc.).


Student Health Services operates by appointment, which decreases waiting time and allows for better planning by all parties. Students are requested to notify Student Health when they are unable to keep their appointments so that the time slot may be given to a fellow student.

Scheduling by Phone: Call 843-792-3664, some appointment slots are available only by phone and are not listed online.

Online Scheduling: Appointments can be made online through using your MUSC netID and password. If you have questions about on-line scheduling, please call Student Health Services.

Emergency Care

Student Health is an ambulatory care clinic and does not have the necessary laboratory or imaging equipment for the evaluation and treatment of medical emergencies. In the event of threatening conditions, seek immediate care at the nearest Emergency Room or dial 911.


Actively enrolled students are eligible for medical care at Student Health Services beginning 5 days before the start of classes and ending on graduation. Students do not need to be on the Student Health Insurance Plan to use Student Health Services. Students must present their MUSC issued identification at the time services are provided.

Enrollment Management

The Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) is committed to serving MUSC students from application through graduation. OEM provides personalized, streamlined, and highly accessible admissions, financial aid and registration processes to provide excellent support of our students while ensuring compliance with federal state regulations.

OEM Services

Admissions: University Admissions provides centralized services to prospective and current applicants including communication and processing of application documents. University Admissions makes all application forms accessible online, and staff are available to assist you in understanding prerequisite requirements, transcript submission, and additional application processes.

If you still need to submit your final transcript, please contact us at

Financial Aid: The Student Financial Aid Office is dedicated to supporting MUSC's mission and goals through the efficient delivery of student aid. The Office provides MUSC students with a comprehensive offering of financial assistance options to support success and the attainment of a university degree.

Registrar: The Office of the Registrar, within he Office of Enrollment Management supports the academic endeavors of the University by coordinating the following services:

  • Registration
  • Grading
  • Transcripts
  • Enrollment verification
  • Course scheduling
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Commencement
  • Data analysis
  • Institutional statics
  • Reports  

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