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Real Estate and Housing

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Real Estate and Housing

Consider cost, location, and long-term plans when deciding on housing. 

Student Housing Budget Tips

Live like a Student: Consider living further from campus or sharing housing to save on rent. 

Know the Budget: Financial Aid allocates $1500 per month based on double occupancy. 

Renting versus Buying

Renting: Flexible, fixed monthly payments, landlord handles repairs, but rent can increase or the property can be sold. 

Buying: Provides stability, builds equity, but requires handling repairs and significant financial commitment. 

For Students

Renting is typically best during your time at MUSC. MUSC offers off-campus housing support can help you navigate housing options, including available rentals and roommates.

MUSC partnered at 35 Folly Apartments to offer a 5% discount on apartments with all administrative and application fees waived.

Housing is a fixed expense, yet being creative can help you reduce your housing costs. 

Learn more about home mortgages and renting in the Brightspace Financial Literacy course

Connect with the Office of Student Financial Literacy to discuss options for more affordable housing.