Academic Integrity & Honor Code

Wooden signpost with each post pointing in a different direction. Each post contains a word related to code of conduct (ethics, respect, code, honesty, integrity)

Report an Honor Code Violation

Complaints including, but not limited to:

  • Cheating
  • Plagiarism
  • Unauthorized group work
  • Multiple submission
  • Falsification of results
  • Tampering with academic work or materials
  • Deceit
  • Failure to report
  • Attempt to commit

MUSC utilizes an electronic system known as Maxient to facilitate reporting of a suspected Honor Code violation.

Formal reports shall be completed through this system are considered “in writing” as required by Section VI.B. of the Honor Code and will be electronically delivered to a Representative of the Honor Council or the President of the Honor Council.


Report It

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Honor Code Council

2021-2022 Honor Council

Executive Board

Lauren Bleggi

Hunter Scott
Executive Vice President

Kate Hayne
College of Health Professions Vice President

Catherine Shirer
College of Medicine Vice President

Dustin Mueller
College of Graduate Studies Vice President

Cory Newman
College of Pharmacy Vice President

Meghan West
College of Nursing Vice President

Sydney Fain
College of Dental Medicine Vice President


Erica Bligen
University Advisor

Dr. Ben Reynolds
University Advisor

Vivian Fairbairn
University Council

Carrie Cottingham
University Council

Nadia Mariutto
Honor Council Recorder

Dr. Dalton Wilson
College of Dental Medicine Faculty Advisor

Dr. Harold May
College of Graduate Studies Faculty Advisor

Dr. Clint Blankenship
College of Health Professions Faculty Advisor

Dr. Andrew Alkis
College of Medicine Faculty Advisor

Dr. Whitney Smith
College of Nursing Faculty Advisor

Dr. Scott Bragg
College of Pharmacy Faculty Advisor

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