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Financial Aid's budget allocates $1500 per month for double occupancy. This is your budget for housing. If you want to live alone, you may need to live off the peninsula to stay within the budget. Consider roommates to decrease costs. 


Obtain Renter's Insurance: The landlord's insurance does not cover the renter. It protects your belongings.

Understand Lease Terms: Know the fees, rules, and tenant responsibilities. 

Determine Payment: Ensure your rental agreement outlines rent, late fees, and security deposits. Always get a receipt for payments.

Types of Leases

Fixed-Term Lease: Typically one year, good if you plan to stay long-term

Month-to-Month Lease: Flexible, ideal for short stays or rotations

Subleasing: Allows a new tenant to take over your lease temporarily

Rent on the Charleston peninsula is high. Save by living off-peninsula, sharing an apartment, or renting a room. 

MUSC is dedicated to helping students find more affordable housing. While on a student budget, you should live like a student.

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