Frequently Approved Prerequisites

* Courses with a star indicate a two-semester course, both semesters of which MUST be taken to satisfy this prerequisite.

** Economics is no longer required for the Pharmacy program.

Frequently Approved Prerequisites (FAP) is a tool designed to help prospective applicants to MUSC answer the question "Will this course I have taken, or am planning to take, satisfy the prerequisite?" You can use it to unofficially evaluate your own transcripts, or to go "shopping" for courses to fill in something you are missing before applying to our programs.

Not all of our programs require specific detailed prerequisite coursework. Look on our site for information about that program and you might see some recommended courses to improve your chances of being accepted.

Absolutely not. These are only the ones we have frequently seen and approved. Read the description above the list of frequently approved courses. If the course you are interested in meets that description, and it is a college-level, non-remedial course, we will almost certainly approve it.

We occasionally make overrides and substitutions based on an applicant's total coursework and experience. We don't want to include those courses in the listing because you may not have taken all the same related courses that applicant took. The easiest way of ensuring this is to retrieve from our database of nearly 200,000 courses, just those we have recently and frequently approved.

Just about, but not quite. First of all, you must have earned a C or better in the course. Also, if you took the course a long long time ago, our faculty, while reviewing your whole application, may ask you to retake it to freshen up your knowledge before starting our program. Another example of why we don't guarantee these is that on really rare occasions, one of our programs undergoes a change in what it requires. We just can't promise we'll accept any specific course five years from now.

Look at the description of what we will accept and compare it to the description of your course from your school's catalog. If our description is vague, that means we'll accept almost anything that is close. If our description makes specific references, your course needs to include these specifics in the catalog description or syllabus. If you think your course might stretch reasonableness, we can do an unofficial evaluation for you. Contact our office.

We're sure your course is wonderful. We only list courses that have been approved for at least three of our applicants over the past five years. Send us more students who have taken your course and we'll happily add it.

The course may no longer be offered, but there are still students out there who took it in the past and are now considering applying to our programs. They should know we will accept the old course.

The course at that institution is a two-semester anatomy/physiology course. It is organized by body/organ systems and covers both anatomy and physiology of half of the body the first semester, and the rest the following semester. To understand anatomy of the whole body, you must take both semesters. Likewise physiology. The star means that taking that course, by itself, will not fulfill our prerequisite.

No. You will have met the Anatomy prerequisite for our program, but not the Physiology requirement. You will still need to take either semester two of the combined Anatomy & Physiology course, or a full physiology course. See the question above.