Writing Services

One to One Consultation

Schedule your own private consultation with a writing expert. Writing Center faculty know that writing can be intimidating and that getting graded feedback can be both disheartening and confusing.

If writing seems like some mysterious process that you're either good at or not, you might just need an experienced and trained teacher with time to focus on your particular needs rather than general advice that sounds good but never quite seems to make a difference. Working one on one with a trained professional to develop and improve makes sense for people in health care or scientific training-you study and work to benefit others, and our faculty work the same way about helping you become a better writer.

We want to teach you strategies that will enhance your ability to communicate with a variety of audiences and make you a more effective and efficient writer.

We are your advocates, so schedule an appointment.

Course Projects and Papers

So you have a group project and/or a presentation for a conference or class…maybe you:

  • don't know where to begin,
  • have done some preliminary work and are stuck, or
  • have finished and want to make sure it is polished.

Let Writing Center faculty serve as your pilot test. We offer constructive suggestions and comments that will improve your current work…and that often applies to future writing as well.

Board and Certifying Exam Review

The Center for Academic Excellence serves all students (and faculty) as they prepare for national or state certifying exams or national board exams to earn professional licenses. Our faculty will meet one-on-one with you to teach effective ways to study and strategies to take those exams. Additionally, studying for these exams over a period of weeks is often more effective if you have a coach who guides you throughout the process, providing knowledgeable and experienced support.

You can also request a workshop or ask us to hire someone who has been successful on the exam to work with you on particular content areas. If you've struggled with such exams before, we will collaborate with you to create a more effective plan of study, setting up regular meetings to monitor progress toward success.

Effective CV and Resumé Writing

First impressions are often lasting, and introductions to potential employers often come in the form of a résumé, curriculum vita, or cover letter. You have to sell yourself, but, at the same time, be humble and unassuming. The dilemma can be paralyzing…or, dare we say it, nauseating.

We can help you balance these demands and tailor these professional documents for specific jobs or positions. You will look like the great candidate you have worked so hard to become.

Schedule an appointment.

The Art and Science of Grant Writing

Grants are successful when they are well written and reveal a clear sense of the significance of a project for both specialized and more general readers.

Writing them can be tricky. You have to find a persuasive voice and, at the same time, comply with each and every guideline. We welcome the opportunity to help make your writing both lively and factual.

MUSC has the keen insight to offer extensive support for the broad range of tasks required of grant writers through the Success Center. But if you are also interested in developing as a professional writer-defined as one who earns a living through writing-a Writing Center faculty member will emphasize working for the longer term goal of becoming a master of both persuasion and editing, a writer armed with new skills and processes that can turn great science into great prose.

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