Talking Education and Innovation at MUSC

July 07, 2021
Innovative idea in white businessman hand concept design.

As part of MUSC’s mission to expand ideas and strategies around innovative education at MUSC, we have created a new podcast series that features faculty and staff that support the educational mission at the university.

During these podcast episodes, we’ll focus on our featured guests' career paths to education, what motivates and inspires them to be great instructors and how they are supporting students with innovative strategies through different environments.

Our inaugural episode features College of Pharmacy Professor, Dr. Chris Wisniewski.

Dr. Wisniewski is the recent recipient of the American Association of College of Pharmacy’s 2021 Emerging Teacher Scholar Award.

During our conversation, we discuss how he arrived in academia, his teaching philosophy and what’s worked for him in the classroom, his own personal success stories in the last year and new innovative teaching strategies that he’s been thinking about for future courses.

We hope that you enjoy the first episode of MUSC’s Education Innovation podcast.

“The thing you learn is if you take chances (in education) is what works. I tell my students, because they focus so much on the negative, or I didn’t do this well. Yeah those are learning opportunities, but you know what else are learning opportunities? When you do something well, you repeat that process and use it again because you know what works.”

- Dr. Chris Wisniewski, Professor, MUSC College of Pharmacy