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Hamilton Baker, MD, Jihad Obeid, MD, & Jason Erno, Student, College of Medicine: The MUSC AI Hub currently has three educational components, the AI Hub Speaker Series, the AI Hub Student Organization, and the AI Hub Consult Service. These components are aimed at bridging gaps in understanding of AI and related technologies at MUSC. We also serve as an educational nexus for the historically siloed expertise necessary to accomplish high quality academic pursuits within AI and its subdisciplines. This is an open resource to all educators at MUSC seeking to further their knowledge in this domain.

SC Innovates Pitch Competition

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Jesse Goodwin, PhD, Office of Innovation: Planned in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the SC Innovates Statewide Student Pitch Competition was designed to foster a spirit of ingenuity and entrepreneurship in SC higher education student bodies. This event is hosted every fall.

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Fall 2021

MUSC Semifinalists

  • Glowdot – Subina Saini and Alan Snyder
  • MedSafe E-Caddy – Jordan Byrne

Grand Prize Winner

  • Glowdot - Subina Saini and Alan Snyder


Fall 2020

MUSC Semifinalists

  • STEAMtern – Kareem Heslop, Rashshana Blackwood, and Randall Harris
  • E-Z ECG – Hannah Mixer-Kephart

Grand Prize Winner

  • The SAVER - Heather Holman, Kristen Quinn, M.D., and Julie Siegel, M.D.

Innovation Week

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Jesse Goodwin, PhD, Office of Innovation: MUSC’s Innovation Week is an annual, week-long celebration designed to inspire and empower the MUSC community to innovate. The agenda for the week covers the entire tripartite mission and opens the door for our faculty to reimagine learning at MUSC. The week includes diverse forums enabling faculty to showcase their work, discuss best practices in teaching and learning, and share innovative ideas. To-date, the Office of Innovation has funded 8 projects identified during Innovation Week that focused on student-related education innovations.

Usability Lab

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Casey O’Neill, PhD, Center for Academic Excellence (CAE): The initial outcomes planned for this innovation are to assess a number of metrics (attention, gaze patterns, fixation points, pupil dilation, and fixation stability) while students engage in a clinical reasoning task or while they interact with educational materials. We will then evaluate which metrics are associated with the most efficient and accurate strategies used by students to learn material or problem solve. Once the Usability Lab is assembled, it will be housed in the Center for Academic Excellence office space.

Goniometry for Clinicians

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GONI: Goniometry for Clinicians (an IP Educational Mobile Application), Amanda Giles, OTD, OTR/L, College of Health Professions: Current trends in higher education demand the need to re-examine traditional pedagogical approaches and consider innovative online learning experiences. The GONI app replaces the conventional textbook with an interactive user-friendly mobile format that includes labeled images, high-definition videos, and quizzes. The opportunity for students to learn new clinical skills outside of the lab preserves the classroom time for more hands-on learning.


Did you Know? Interesting Fact: MUSC surgeons perform hospital's second iris transplant.

SC SWIFT – Science Writing Initiative for Trainees, Kimberly McGhee, SCTR Institute: SC SWIFT is a Science Communications internship program offered by MUSC College of Graduate Studies in close collaboration and coordination with the MUSC Office of Communications and Marketing. The program pairs students and postdoctoral fellows with a professional science writer who mentors them as they write real-world EurekAlert! New releases and MUSC’s Catalyst News stories about recent high-impact MUSC research.

MUSC Student Pitch Competition

Innovation Week Student Pitch Competition

Jesse Goodwin, Office of Innovation: Annual competition at MUSC, students can showcase innovative ideas, individually or as a 2-3 person team. This event is hosted every April.