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Learn Innovation

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Hosted in Endeavor, the Digital Health Online course is open to all faculty and staff. As the world of healthcare becomes more digitized, and with an increasing number of digital technologies showing real promise in the field, it is becoming even more important to empower our current and next generation of healthcare professionals with foundational concepts related to evaluating and integrating digital health solutions. The course will begin on is available now, and the opportunity to earn a half hour (0.5) of Diversity and Inclusion credit is available.

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Edu Innovation in 3D Printing

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Erick Lemon, MUSC Libraries: The Digital Strategies in Innovation (DSI) team within the MUSC Library worked with first-year OT students to create 3D models of a bone, second and third semester OT students to develop a tool that the patients with whom they worked could use, and OT students to develop 3D adaptive tools to assist under-served and/or under-insured patients with maintaining their independence during activities of daily living.

The Elevator Pitch

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Susan Newman, PhD, College of Nursing: During the second PhD Learning Intensive, students have the opportunity to practice an “elevator pitch” style presentation during an interactive session with other PhD students and faculty. The idea of using the elevator pitch format is to help students to compress their research topic, interests, and even findings into a short “pitch” they could tell another researcher while standing in a line at the conference coffee bar, or actually waiting for an elevator.

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OBS Studio

Jeff Borckardt, PhD, Office of Interprofessional Initiatives: Open Broadcaster Software Studio provides a platform for advanced online lecture development. The software offers high-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing. It also permits creation of scenes made up of multiple sources including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, capture cards and more.

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Interactive Whiteboard Tech

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Melody Reibel, PhD, College of Nursing: This initiative involves the creation of interprofessional student learning interventions through established partnerships with faculty and students from the Colleges of Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Health Professions. Students have the opportunity to practice interprofessional (IP) communication skills and practice clinical judgment skills within IP healthcare teams which reduces the preparation-to-practice gap and meet the complex healthcare needs of patients and their families.

Teleprecepting for Students

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Joy Lauerer, DNP, & Katherine Chike-Harris, DNP, College of Nursing: Clinical site visits are a very important component of any clinical student’s education to ensure desired clinical skills are obtained. This is made difficult with online education since faculty cannot physically perform these clinical site visits. In order to overcome the barrier of distance, the utilization of tele-precepting can be an option. DNP students expressed a greater comfort with using telehealth to perform mental health visits and found the real-time communication with preceptors/faculty to be very beneficial.