MUSC Health departments celebrate house staff awards

July 24, 2017
group photo
Members of MUSC’s Department of Internal Medicine house staff accepted annual awards. Awardees include Drs. Maggie Thomas, Derek Low, Nick Fox, Mar Heincelman, Andrew Schreiner, Karen Abernathy, Lyndsay Muller, Kyle Armstrong and Sara Matar.

Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine
CA1 Teacher of the Year - David Gutman, M.D. and CA2/3 Teacher of the Year - James Abernathy, M.D.

Emergency Medicine – Pediatric
Losek Legacy Award Recipients - Matthew Cully, D.O.; Michelle Greene, D.O.; Christopher Stem, M.D.; and EM Recipient - Elizabeth Barton, M.D.

Family Medicine (Trident/MUSC)
SC Academy of Family Physicians Outstanding Resident of the Year Award - Jessica Cook, M.D.; Clinical Scholars Award - Bradley Bernard, M.D. and William David Strickland, M.D.; STFM Resident Teacher of the Year Award - Elizabeth Murray, M.D.; and AFMRD Resident Award for Advocacy - Saint Julien Springs II, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Resident Research Award - Sara Matar; Intern of the Year - Maggie Thomas; Resident of the Year - Derek Low; Fellow of the Year - Nick Fox; Outpatient Resident of the Year - Lyndsay Mueller; Inpatient Resident of the Year - Kyle Armstrong; Attending of the Year - Marc Heincelman and Andrew Schreiner; and Ambulatory Teacher of the Year (Outpatient Attending) - Karen Abernathy; Division of the Year - Pulmonary

Infectious Diseases
Teacher of the Year - M. Sean Boger, M.D., PharmD and Chief Fellow - Richard Kilgore Rodriguez, M.D.
Resident Excellence in Care Award - Ryan Barmore, M.D.; Resident Teacher of the Year Award - Sami Alkasab, M.D.; Highest In Service Exam - Alain Lekoubou Looti, M.D.; Research Presentation by a Resident - Zeke Gleichgerrcht, M.D.; Research Presentation by a Fellow - Daniel Abenroth, M.D.; and Faculty of the Year - Sarah Schmitt, M.D.

Neurosurgical Resident Teacher of the Year - Ryan Kellogg, M.D.; Best Neurosurgical Research Day Presentation - Stephen Lowe, M.D. and Jan Vargas Machaj, M.D.; Neurosurgical Resident of the Year - Stephen Lowe, M.D.; and Faculty Award for Excellence in Neurosurgical Resident Education - Ramin Eskandari, M.D.

Pediatric Fellows - Maria Cecilia Artigas, M.D. and Emily Shortridge, D.O.; Pierre Jenkins Gaultier Teacher of the Year - George N. Magrath, M.D.; William W. Vallaton Academic Excellence Award - Kristin A. Neatrour, M.D.; Helma Research Award - Kenzo J.P. Koike, M.D.; Richard Saunders Award for Surgical Mentoring - Jake C. McMillin, M.D.; Program Director’s Award - Kenzo J.P. Koike, M.D.; Tech of the Year - Traci Davis, C.O.T.; Glaucoma Fellow - Leah Lynn Kammerdiener, M.D.; and PGY4 Ophthalmology Residents - Ashley M. Brundrett, M.D., Kenzo J.P. Koike, M.D. (Chief), Amanda L. Marzolf, M.D., and Anne M. Schroeder, M.D.

Oral Surgery
Dr. Richard DeChamplain Award - Caleb Schadel, DDS; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program Certificate - Daniel Graham Lee, DMD; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program Certificate - Johnathan Dillman Bean, DMD; and American Academy of Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons member - M. Kinon Lecholop, DMD

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
House Staff Award for Anatomic Pathology Faculty - Laura Spruill, M.D, PhD.; House Staff Award for Clinical Pathology Faculty - Angie Duong, M.D.; Chief Resident 2016–2017 - *Ashley Cross, M.D.; Chief Resident 2016–2017 - *Mike Stump, M.D. (*third consecutive year to win this award); Committees: VP of MUSC House Staff Council - Rachel Jester, M.D.; Resident House Staff Council Representative - Kendall Brewer, M.D.; Peer Review Committee - David LeBel, M.D.; Apple Tree Steering Committee; Resident Representative for ASCP - Tiffany Baker, M.D., PhD.; and Section Editor for the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Dan Skipper, D.O.

The Atlas Award - Adebowale Odulana, M.D.; Around-the-Clock Aristotle - Dave Mills, M.D.; Nine-to-Five Socrates - James Roberts, M.D.; The Bob Vila Award - Melissa Evans, M.D.; The Sunrise Swami - Scott Russell, M.D.; The PM Pedagogue - Lara Wine Lee, M.D.; Rookie of the Year - Whitney Marvin, M.D.; Glass Stand-Up Awards: Fellow of the Year - Emma Carter, M.D.; Intern of the Year - Tina Zhang, M.D. and Zaki Yazdi, M.D.; Outstanding Senior Resident - Sarah Yale, M.D.; Most Supportive Staff Member - Sheila Jones; Intern Humanism Award - Tina Zhang, M.D.; and Clerkship award: Resident as Teacher Student Award - Morgan Khawaja, M.D.

Psychiatry Golden Apple Award - Paula Everman, M.D.; Chris Fields, M.D.; Cat Miller, M.D.; Mary V. Ladd, M.D.; Tyson Lippe, M.D.; Lee Lewis, M.D.; Thomas Lewis, M.D; Psychology Internship Program Clinical Excellence Award - Cynthia Lancaster; Laura Griffin Award Internship Award - Chelsey Hartley Psychology Internship Program John C. Roitzsch Memorial Scientist-Practitioner Award - Christopher Sege; Psychology Internship Program Robert Magwood, Jr. Outstanding Service to Crime Victims Award - Rosaura Orengo Aguayo, Ph.D.; Psychology Internship Program Best Clinical Supervisor - Layne Goble, Ph.D.; Psychology Internship Program Best Research Preceptor - Dan Gros, Ph.D.; and Psychology Internship Program Award for Outstanding Contributions to Training and Professional Development - Elizabeth Santa Ana, Ph.D.

Paul H. O’Brien, M.D. Resident Teaching Award - Virgilio V. George, M.D.; Max S. Rittenbury, M.D. Intern of the Year Award - Anna Matrachisia, M.D.; Max S. Rittenbury, M.D. Intern of the Year Award - James T. Pastrnak, M.D.; Student Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching - Gabriel R. Chedister, M.D.; Surgical Training Awareness & Residency (STAR) Medical Student Faculty Teaching Award - David M. Countryman, M.D.; David J. Cole, M.D. Professionalism Award - Jane C. Kilkenny, M.D.; The Curtis P. Artz MUSC Surgical Society Award for Excellence - Nicholas Ward, M.D.; Combined Basic Science Awards: Top Senior Resident PGY3-5 - Ben Calder; PGY4 -Top Junior Resident PGY2: Allen Bui, PGY2; Top Categorical Intern - Catherine Chung, Categorical; Top Prelim Intern - Zilan Lin, M.D., Preliminary; and Dabney R. Yarbrough III, M.D. Research Award - Kunal J. Patel, M.D.