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Anthem Video Award

May 24, 2024

MUSC and Carnegie tapped with 2024 communicator award for brand anthem video.

Young woman wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans sits cross legged in front of a fountain.

Health Professions Graduate

May 16, 2024

At just 2 years old, Hannah Deese was admitted to MUSC for lifesaving surgery to repair two holes in her heart.

A young man and a young woman wearing white lab coats smile while standing outside of a building.

Pharmacy Graduates

May 15, 2024

Victoria Brooks and Chad Harle are the first students ever to complete the Pharm.D.-MSHI concurrent degree program at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Woman stands with hands on hips as a small girl looks at a toy, two boys play and an older girl does a handstand.

Medical Graduate

May 15, 2024

Busy biochemist mom demonstrates work-life balance, fulfilling a career in medicine.

Woman wearing dental goggles and a violet colored coverup and green gloves leans forward with a dental instrument.

Dental Graduate

May 14, 2024

While most foreign-trained dentists enter a two-year program to obtain their U.S. licenses, Ashwini Pilla took a different path.

OT student Maddie Gies holds up a white dry erase board that pediatric cancer patients can fill out to indicate fatigue levels

Gauging Fatigue

March 20, 2024

Parents and providers often underestimate the fatigue that pediatric cancer patients are experiencing. An OT student created a coloring book to help.

Sarah Dooley dressed as a Princess as a PowerTool for Reinvented Magazine's calendar

Princesses With Powertools

December 12, 2023

Graduate student Sarah Dooley shows young women that brilliant is beautiful by becoming a princess in the lab.

Two men wearing purple polo shirts stand together in front of greenery. The one on the left has gray hair. His son has light brown. hair. Both are smiling.

Suicide Prevention

November 01, 2023

“I have a pretty tight personal connection with suicide because I lost my dad.” Medical student among participants in suicide prevention walk.

A group of 23 people holding diplomas standing on the front steps of a building

IPE Fellowship

October 20, 2023

Program breaks down academic silos by offering interprofessional courses and hands-on experiences to help students to collaborate and gain valuable insights.

A watercolor of a purple silhouette backed up to, with slight overlap, on a blueish orange head

Vonnegut Speaks

October 03, 2023

Mark Vonnegut, son of iconic American novelist Kurt Vonnegut, tells his remarkable story at MUSC.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 190)