Centrally Scheduled Rooms

Conference Rules and Criteria

Conferences will receive priority scheduling for Fridays. Conference priority is for large spaces on campus and can be reserved up to, but no more than, 12 months in advance. It is required, that a conference organizer/coordinator give at least a 60-day notice and must also provide a brochure of the event. If classes are scheduled on a Friday in a room requested for a conference, the class will be relocated for that day.

Rooms Suitable for Conferences:

  • DDB Auditorium 110
  • BEB Auditorium 110
  • BEB Classroom 112
  • Baruch Auditorium
  • BSB 130

Conference Rules and Liability Waiver

Central Audio/Visual Support

Audio/Visual (A/V) support for the classrooms is available during the work hours of 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. In case of emergencies, a classroom hotline is available at 843-792-9000. For conferences, if an A/V technician is needed to remain in the room throughout the conference, a fee of $75/hour must be paid via IIT or check to MUSC ITFR. For after hour and weekend conferences, an A/V technician may provide support for $150/hour, dependent upon their availability.

For questions or issues contact:

Damon Amella
Director of Classroom Technology
Office of Instructional Technology & Faculty Resources