Centrally Scheduled Rooms

Centrally scheduled rooms are those spaces that are accessible by all MUSC employees and does not include private conference rooms or spaces. By using 25Live Scheduling site for both room scheduling and event calendars, a more streamlined and integrated system has been created. To learn how to reserve a room, consult this step-by-step guide. With any questions, please contact 25live-centsched@musc.edu.

Equipped with the function our basic instructional technologies like PollEverywhere audience response system, Panopto our lecture capture system, Wacom screen annotation system in several of our classrooms and many of the rooms are equipped to handle Teams meetings. ITFR continues to expand what's possible in learning environments for both faculty and students.

A few important rules must be adhered to when using a Centrally Scheduled Room:

  1. You must leave a scheduled space 10 minutes prior to the half hour you have scheduled (example: A room booked from 1-2pm must be exited by 1:50) so the next class/meeting can get in the room and have time to set up.
  2. Rooms must me left the way you found them.  So, if the room has flexible seating and is arraigned outside of the basic set up it must be put back in order before you leave the room.
  3. If you have food during your class or meeting in a space where it is permitted, you must remove all of the food and garbage when leaving the space.  Or you must contact Housekeeping to remove it for you prior to the next class/meeting.

Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources provides scheduling services for general use classrooms and for several special use areas on campus.

Any questions regarding audiovisual equipment may be directed to Educational Technology Services at 843-792-9000.

If you are planning to serve food or drinks in the classroom that you are reserving, please notify housekeeping and recycling so that an extra pick up can be scheduled for that day/time. Call 843-792-4119 and specify the room number, date and time of your event and ask them to produce two work orders: one for housekeeping and one for recycling.

Drug Discovery Building and BioEngineering events, that meet the conference criteria will take priority over regularly scheduled classes in these rooms.

For food and beverage requests for conference events in the Drug Discovery Building, Room 110 and BioEngineering Building, Room 110 & 112, the Food and Beverage Request Form must be submitted.

Faxed requests are no longer accepted.

For questions or issues contact:

Damon Amella
Director of Classroom Technology
Office of Instructional Technology & Faculty Resources