Centrally Scheduled Rooms

Centrally Scheduled rooms/spaces are those used to support the mission of the University, to include academic courses and student focused events, training sessions, grand rounds, and institutionally supported meetings and conferences encompassing medical education and community health. Only events of these types are permitted. The Medical University of South Carolina Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources (ITFR), provides audio/visual (AV) and scheduling support for rooms under the auspices of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost. A listing of Centrally Scheduled rooms, their availability, scheduling options and guidelines can be found via the 25Live Scheduling system.

Prioritization for Use

Because space is at a premium, prioritization by purpose of use is required for everyone within the MUSC enterprise. Priority order:

  1. Classes with official university course numbers assigned through the Registrar’s Office (including exams and institutional events such as Orientation, Faculty awards ceremony, and Graduation). See Scheduling Dates below. A class with Distance Education (DE) needs can bump a class housed in a DE room that does not use the DE technology. 25Live denotes rooms with DE capability and can be seen with the “Video Conferencing” or “Camera” in their description.
  2. Academic events, Grand Rounds, training, and conferences.
    First: Grand Rounds, Center for Academic Excellence student tutoring
    Second: Graduate Medical Education, and other colleges’ Residents, Post Docs and Fellows.
    Third: Academic training sessions, colleges’ academic organizations and student organizations.
  3. All other enterprise sponsored general meetings, training, and events.
  4. Collaborative Learning spaces (BSB 302, 329, 402, 502) are prioritized for collaborative education, meaning, if a course requires breakout sessions, or use of collaborative technology for their coursework that course will receive priority in that space.

Scheduling Dates (approximate date range)

Priority 1 Classes/Courses

  • Fall Semester: June 25-July 14
  • Spring Semester: October 25-November 14
  • Summer Semester: March 25-April 14

Priority 2 and 3 events, training sessions, meetings

  • Fall: Beginning July 15 for August 12-December 31
  • Spring: Beginning November 15 for January 1-May 11
  • Summer: Beginning April 15 for May 12-August 10

As noted above, university courses assigned through the Registrar’s Office take priority for scheduling of classrooms. These dates reflect the protected time set up to accommodate all college classroom requests for each semester. Other classroom requests may be submitted AFTER the dates indicated for each semester. Special consideration and scheduling rights will be given to academic events that occur on an annual basis such as: White Coat ceremonies, new student orientations, standardized testing, Faculty Convocation, Commencement-related events, Ernest Just Symposium, Student Research Day, etc. Space for these types of events may be requested a year in advance and request may be submitted any time.

Special consideration in the form of scheduling a year in advance is also available for select academic events (e.g., Grand Rounds) that occur outside of the normal prime time dates/hours for classes (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm).

Personnel Who May Schedule a Room

Medical University of South Carolina faculty and staff are the only authorized personnel who may request rooms via the 25Live scheduling system. We do not book spaces for outside vendors or organizations. All requests take up to 24-48 hours for confirmation. Last minute bookings are not recommended and most likely cannot be confirmed.

Permitted Events

MUSC sponsored or co-sponsored medical education/community health events. Any other events that are non-medical education based, are not permitted. (Examples of events that are not permitted: birthday & holiday parties, personal organizational meetings with non-MUSC ties including religious and politically affiliated groups, etc.) Questions about permitted events can be answered through the scheduling office.

Email: MUSC 25Live or Damon Amella

Rules for Room Usage

To ensure appropriate use and access of space, the standards below are applied for all centrally scheduled rooms on campus:

  1. Respect MUSC physical space and property in these rooms in terms of noise and cleanliness. Leaving garbage in a learning space is prohibited. Some of the classrooms there is no food allowed (see below) except for special circumstances. You must clean up after yourself and should bring a sealable garbage bag for all waste and leave it in the hall outside of the door for pick up. Charges will be assessed for a room being left in unsatisfactory condition.
  2. If a flexible space (rooms with movable tables and chairs) is rearranged, you must put it back the way it was found. Next to every door has a grid showing seating layout.
  3. Maintain good order and consideration for those using adjacent spaces as well as groups that follow your event.
  4. Important: To accommodate academic schedules, all scheduled events must vacate a room 10 minutes prior to the half hour that the event was scheduled. (Example: if an event was booked until 4:00 pm, the room must be vacated by 3:50 pm. If an event ends at 4:30 pm, the room must be vacated by 4:20 pm.) Please vacate the space at that time to accommodate the next scheduled event in that space.
  5. The use of food or beverage is limited to specific centrally scheduled rooms. Check the schedule for permitted spaces. Arrangements must be made to clean the space at the end of the event. Contact MUSC Housekeeping to schedule cleaning. See more specific guidelines below.
  6. When you are finished using a space after 3pm please turn the room system off. The Touch Panel on the lectern has the “off” button. This helps us prolong the life of the room technology.

Food and Beverage Guidelines

Food and beverages are prohibited in the following rooms unless the requestor pays the Food and Beverage fee. Rooms that require a fee:

Drug Discovery Building (DDB) Room 110
Bioengineering (BEB) Room 110
Bio Engineering Building (BEB) Room 112
Basic Science Building (BSB) Room 130

Lobbies and other rooms may require a fee for food related events where the organizers pay a non-refundable fee of $100. All fees will be paid to the MUSC Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources (ITFR) within 30 days of reserving the space. Contact MUSC Housekeeping to make sure garbage is removed prior to the following day. These fees do not include charges that are incurred to cover the cost of AV support and maintenance for a conference.

Spaces that Prohibit Food. Beverages must be in sealed containers:

Storm Eye Auditorium HA Room 809 (including the lobby)
Basic Science Building 202, 302, 329, 402, 502
Education Center Library (Colbert) 102, 103, 104, 105, 114, 115, 116, 118, 119, 205A, 340

Special Note: Exceptions for food in ECL and BSB classrooms will be allowed under the special circumstances stated below.

  1. A scheduled academic/educational learning event for the colleges involving students. These cannot be daily events and must take place during lunch hours only (12:00pm-2:00pm).
  2. As stated above, participants must throw away their garbage in a sealable bag(s) and leave it outside of the classroom in the hallway for housekeeping to take away at the end of the day.

All other lunch events are prohibited. Examples include: Departmental lunch meetings, celebrations, or students finding a classroom that is not being used for studying with lunch. Food can be eaten in cafeterias and the library study and lounge spaces as long as garbage is removed when the space is vacated.

Use of Biohazardous Materials

All laboratory biological specimens are regarded as hazardous and are prohibited in MUSC centrally scheduled rooms. Events involving laboratory biological specimens are restricted to a laboratory environment. (Other examples include: blood draws, vaccines, and suture clinics)

Conference Rules and Criteria

Conferences will receive priority scheduling for Fridays. Conference priority is for large spaces on campus and can be reserved up to, but no more than, 12 months in advance. It is required, that a conference organizer/coordinator give at least a 60-day notice and must also provide a brochure of the event. If classes are scheduled on a Friday in a room requested for a conference, the class will be relocated for that day.

Rooms Suitable for Conferences:

DDB Auditorium 110
BEB Auditorium 110
BEB Classroom 112
Baruch Auditorium
BSB 130

Permitted Events

As stated above, MUSC sponsored or co-sponsored medical education/community health events. Any other events that are non-medical education based are not permitted. (Examples of events that are not permitted: birthday & holiday parties, personal organizational meetings with non-MUSC ties including religious and political affiliated groups, etc.) Questions about permitted events can be answered through the scheduling office.

Email: MUSC 25Live or Damon Amella

Specific criteria must be met for an event or meeting to be considered a conference since a class may be required to relocate to accommodate a conference. Room rental fees will apply to all conferences for maintenance and clean-up of the space. Conferences will incur fees per days of usage. Fees are as follows:
$500 for large space/$200 small space all on a per day basis.

A permitted conference is defined as any event meeting the following criteria:

  1. Attendees coming from out of town
  2. Attendees paying to attend or organizer paying a speaker to attend
  3. Conference duration of at least 7 hours
  4. Expected attendance of at least 75% of requested room capacity
  5. A legal “Release of Liability” contract must be signed by an MUSC college or departmental liaison taking full, legal assumption of risk, for the event.

Central Audio/Visual Support

Audio/Visual (A/V) support for the classrooms is available during the work hours of 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. In case of emergencies, a classroom hotline is available at 843-792-9000. For conferences, if an A/V technician is needed to remain in the room throughout the conference, a fee of $75/hour must be paid via IIT or check to MUSC ITFR. For after hour and weekend conferences, an A/V technician may provide support for $150/hour, dependent upon their availability.

For questions or issues contact:

Damon Amella
Director of Classroom Technology
Office of Instructional Technology & Faculty Resources