MUSC’s Learning Management System: Brightspace

What is Brightspace?

D2L is the company name, and Brightspace is the product. Brightspace, or “Brightspace Learning Environment”, is an innovative learning management system for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources.

*Access MUSC's Brightspace site. 

D2L Brightspace interface across various platforms: desktop, smartphone, tablet  

Training and Support

  • Student Microtips - short videos that introduce learners to the features of Brightspace. 
  • 24/7 support offered by D2L - Available on MUSC's Brightspace homepage through the Chat with Brightspace 24/7 widget. 
    • When you begin a chat on the 24/7 D2L Support page, if someone does not respond to your chat within a minute of you sending the initial chat:
      1. Close the current chat and open a new one to re-prompt someone to answer your question.  2. Go to the Support Page > Click on Contact Support in the navbar> choose Support Request Form. This method of contacting support is on average 4 hour response time.

College Support and Training Contacts: 

If you need additional information on support in your area and who to contact, review the Brightspace support process.  


  1. What can be used as the virtual classroom option in Brightspace? Microsoft Teams is the integrated virtual classroom option for Brightspace. 
  2. Can we integrate software that our college has purchased into Brightspace? All requests for new software to be integrated into Brightspace must go through the University Education Infrastructure Committee. 
  3. Will there be site downtime for updates? No, Brightspace uses a continuous monthly update schedule. For reference, release notes are available at the Brightspace Community site.
  4. Will there still be the option to automatically push grades to WebAdvisor? All grades must be entered directly into WebAdvisor. 
  5. How does someone request access to a Brightspace credit bearing course? All MUSC individuals who would like access to a credit bearing course after the course activation period will need to fill out the Course Access Request Form to request access.